Thursday, September 1, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya 2011

It is true that i have nothing much to update ever since i started working. In the blink of an eyes, i am working with TG for 6 months now. I shall keep my opinion low...

I love my colleagues...eventhough they are all younger, but the state of maturity is there...even better than D. 
What is going on with me and D? We are at the crossroad. Well, we are always at the crossroad, isnt it? This part of me is slowing down, but my outings with colleagues are accelerating. Thanks to the online stuffs to spend quality time with colleagues when we are not working.

Politics at work? Erm....not much....still at acceptable level. I am contented by everything i have now. I hope there wont be anymore changes in near future. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

You've got a cat

On a windy night, i let Elmo out running around in the garden when my neighbour's poodle came by sniffing at the gate. It is good to let dogs get friendly to broaden their social circle, i thought. The the friendly neighbour came over ....saying Hello....and ..." Oh look, you have a cat there."

I was stunt for a moment. A CAT??????!~

Realizing that he is staring at my ELMo... i was like  " is a dog. A silky terrier."

Feeling a little awkward, he responded, " Ohh...cute. Come on let's go home".


Saturday, June 18, 2011

That girl

I was cleaning my room today....bringing my mattress out to the sun. happily seeing my room is clean....there she goes.

"Joie errr the chair ar.. i hope you understand this. Furniture if you expose to the will spoil and the colour will fade. So can you don't use the chair to dry your mattress?"


There was a day when i happily playing with Elmo in the living hall....then suddenly.....

" Joie... i hope you don't mind ar.. i have to tell you what others tell me. Coz we have we have to keep the place from animal can you help us to do that?"


I think i am the only occupant who is sweeping and cleaning the house. I have never seen her doing all that. Why is she telling that to me? Hell.  Most of the hairs in the area... is soooo long. It looks more like her hair than my dog's hair. What abt the pop and pee that her dogs left in the garden when she was in hurry to work. Ergghhh..... THAT GIRL!~  


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Advantage of having two Facebook

A few minutes ago... i finally did it!!

I moved all my colleagues to my new Facebook. hahaha..... RElieve!~ Freedom~
Now i can complain all i want....anything...and everything i want!!! Yay!~

It is a little hard for me to control what to update in status...and what not to update...hmmm...yay!~

The only problem...I hope they wont find out the real reason  :D

Happy ...!! Happy Day!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When is your turn?

We were looking at a colleague's newborn baby girl's picture in the office. Suddenly we created a small crowd there. We were saying how cute the baby is...and how different the baby is from her dad. see her dad is an Indian...and her mom is a Malay. THat baby is so a Chinese baby with beautiful features...gorgeous~

I was in this ....dreamy mood...thinking of my friend's twins...and the baby photos that im looking at.....thinking how cute and chubby they are....until.......

My clerk tapped me on my shoulder and said....." When are you getting yours?"

CRAP!!!! That question is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking my cloud nines away. CRAP!! CRAP!!! CRAP!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I got my internet back

I wanna celebrate today because it is the day i got my internet back!!

So, what have i been missing? The ppstream no longer have HK dramas in it. I am way lacking in FB games and photos.....of coz my blog too.

I can't wait to start blogging again...i cant wait to do internet shopping again....!! woooohooo~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One length straight

 Finally...finally i have time to straighten my hair. Loving my new super straight hair. I am getting it coloured next week!~

Thursday, March 31, 2011

25th March 11

so so so so happy....It is FRIDAY!!! and also my Birthday eve. And.. i have got free head charge in REd BOX.... 7 days before and 7 days after my bday. Yeah!!!

So off we went to Red Box,IOI mall. Kinda disappointed... unlike GreenBox. I do not have a birthday cake. Only free sparkling juice. And that it is compulsory for us to buy titbits. This is so unfair. Ended up we paid 40+++ per person instead of 30++.

That is not all.....i was so so so tired that night i didn't get to sing as much as i can. Then...before the clock struck to 12am. POLICE RAID!!!  WTH!!!!! Raiding red box?? They assured us that although they have a legal license but at times, the police will come. What does that mean?? Policemen running out of cash...that is why they are around spoiling other people's party???


We went back to PT's place but., i am so so so sorry.....I just couldn't stay awake anymore. They handed me my birthday present...LOVE it!! LOVE it!! Love it

I have been wanting to buy this Swarovski pen for quite some time... MUack!!!

Thank you, Seng, PT and Caren~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life in Klang

You know life is bad when you see me onlining and blogging in starbucks instead of home.

I miss my internet access!! i miss my online life!!!

Man.. i HATE Klang....when can i leave????

Saturday, March 19, 2011

1111 Days

 I never know D is the romantic type of person until yesterday. He surprised me a bouquet of roses. The moment i saw the bouquet...i thought it was my birthday yesterday...but.....couldn't be. I asked if it is my early bday celebration....He said no. Then, he said the answer is in the number of roses. I counted.... What does 11 mean?? I ain't 11 years old....

Then there is a little card hiding in the bouquet. I do not know what to say.....According to him, it is our 1111 days together as a couple. Awwww......i almost weep....nah..kidding. But i am sooooo touched.
Then he bring out a little gift for me. It is a charm bracelet. I have always wanted a bracelet. so sweet....first time ever he read my mind. I LOVEeeee.....the bracelet.

I was so happy yet so guilty. Why didn't i know anything abt 1111 days? Is there such a celebration? He did so many thing....get the things planned month ahead and me....??? I just sit there and receive all the love that he can give. Sounds selfish...but i LOVe it... I think it is okay to be selfish once in awhile. tee hee hee...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Me and My GM

 Have been working in TG for a month. In a month, I have been called into the GM's office for 7 times. How great!~ My GM loves asking me questions that i do not know how to answer. Not sure what it is?

Scenario 1:
GM: How are you doing?
Me: Yeah. Good
GM: How good? Why is working in TG good?
Me : errrrr..........
GM : Okay... then why is working in TG bad?
Me : *sweat*

Scenario 2 : 
GM: Why do you think we hire you?
Me : Erm......
GM: Why?
Me : Because willing to contribute?
GM: what can you contribute? Those foreigners can work more and longer hours than you. Why do you we choose you over those foreigners?
Me : *sweat*

Scenario 3 :

On my second week in TG

GM: Okay.. LWL, What are the problems you observed in the factory
Me: I'm only in my early 2nd week here.
GM: Yea... 2nd week can already help us to improve-what@@?!!!
Me : *sweat*

Friday, January 28, 2011

Job hopping?

 A friend recently asked me abt changing job and the best answer to give when the interviewer asked for the reason for her to change job. I was browsing through a magazine then found the followings quite useful. May help in the interview or decision making whether to change job or not. 

Reasons to support job hopping
  • Promotion – an offer you can't refuse has come along which will help you move significantly in your career.
  • Enhancement- adding on to your skills, experience, mastery, maturity and personal satisfaction., job hopping to brush up your skills, improve your wok knowledge and to obtain cross-culture exposure shows ambition and your need for constant improvement.
  • Challenge – refresh your passion by looking for new challenges. Frequent change keeps your learning curve high and your challenges fresh.
  • Job nature – if you do consulting work on a project basis, it is expected that you will switch jobs fairly often.
  • Obstacles- to overcome situations such as a hostile boss, demotion, relocation of business or a significant decrease in pay, etc. is there such a thing as a 'good time' to job hop? There is no specific time-frame. A “good time” means as long as it takes to learn something and contribute something back to your company. Generally, a minimum of two years is pretty acceptable to most employers.

Some reasons to avoid changing jobs:
  • Money – sure, moving to a new job is the fastest way to get a pay rise. But jumping from job to job for the sole purpose of monetary gain is a big mistake. If increasing your salary is your only incentive for job hopping, you'll end up dissatisfied in the long-term.
  • Change of environment – this could raise the distinct belief in the employer's mind that yoy are unlikely to be stable with the company. If you are tired of big-city life and have moved to a small town to work, what will happen when the bright lights beckon again?
  • Problems at work – teamwork is one of the most important aspects of wok. Employers want to hire people whom they believe will get along with others. Since people spend countless hours with each other at work, employers do not want to hire people who are likely to have personality conflicts.
  • Peer pressure - Just because your colleagues or friends have found something better, it doesn't mean you must follow suit! Again, know exactly what you intend to get our of every job change.

The pros
  • Pay increase – you could probably negotiate a 15-20 percent salary increase with a new company compared with the average 3-5 percent you'll get annually if you stay put.
  • Networking – you will be able to build a professional network much faster than if you stay in one position for a long time-frame learning new skills – doing different jobs also means building a more diverse skills-set. You will become more versatile, employable and marketable.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone – ignite and maintain your passion by meeting new challenges.
  • Discovering your true interests - moving around can help you figure out early in your career what you really want to do .
  • Greater value – a job history showing several work experiences can be very attractive to an employer. It reflects your vast experiences of working under different systems, structures and management styles. People who move from company to company are like bees collecting pollen who will share their knowledge with each new employer.
The cons
  • Double-edged – you may gain something in a new position, but you may also have to give something up. For examples, taking on a managerial position may make it difficult for you to go back to a core line job., sometimes moving upward may jeopardize your ability to return to your original career path.
  • Limited learning - if you job-hop too often, you learn nothing substantial – the proverbial “jack of all trades, master of none”
  • Missed opportunities – jumping ship without giving your employer a chance to show you what's available may put you in a worse position later on. Maybe you're not getting a promotion now simply because you are new and must earn your stripes. But instead of giving it more time to see what is the future holds, you leave3 for another position.
  • Creating a poor impression – you may seen as unstable, disloyal, immature, lacking a career plan or unable to work a part of a team most companies prefer to invest in people who see their career goals aligned with those of the company . Job-hoppers are unlikely to see their career pth beyond the next year.

Consider the signals you are sending to your potential employer if you job hop too often,. Ask yourself :”if I am a manager who am I more likely to invest training time and money on?” someone who shows a tendency to job hop or someone who is more stable?” companies are ore likely to invest in people who are more stable. The reason is simple: they are able to contribute to the company. It is a win-win situation. If you are constantly job hopping, you are sending signal that you are not ready to commit.

So bear this in mind, the grass may look greener on the other side, but make sure it is not weeds you are seeing!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caught in a trapped situation

My previous job requires me to travel alot. Initially, i am supposed to be in China then in Russia. Now that i have resigned, no more travelling for me. The thing that my friends refused to understand or remember is that, my new job is a 6 days work. Alternate Saturday,i shall say. In an email loop,i replied to a friend saying initially i couldn't attend because of the China trip, but now too caught up with work. I was just trying to put it in a nicer way without getting into too detail. Then, a dear friend asked, " I thought you quit the job, still caught up with work?" 

Quitting one job doesn't make me an unemployed for life,rite? Then all the close friends started emailing me and msn me asking why did i give such an excuse to reject the invitation? Man.....i need to reply one by the whole story above. My mistake! I shouldn't try to put things in a nicer way....should just say I am working. SIGh. The intention was to minimize ppl questioning me, now it attracts more questions. SIEN

One thing for sure, the bride-to-be must be offended reading those messages in the loop, thinking i am just creating a story to not attend the wedding.  WHY am i always caught in situation like this????

The most disappointing thing is that question came from a very dear friend who accidentally didn't think much before saying anything. It happened last year prior CNY....and it is happening again. WHY cant she be more understand in her words? Last year, she asked me to cancel my reunion with my friends to join hers. Or to merge the reunion. It does make sense if everyone is comfortable in the presence of anyone. But the girls there are not close to another group of friends, moreover i am the organizer. The idea will only make them feel uneasy. By saying that, that dear friend got offended. She said i am now creating a clique. Saying i only want to join my friends and ignore them. Not sure if she meant it but she sounded darn serious.  I ignored everything last year.. and i hope i can ignore it again this year. All in the name of FRIENDSHIP. Bless me~


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last day of work


My last day of work supposed to on Wednesday, but boss gave me permission to leave earlier....yay!!
LAST day!! also means that im moving to Klang sooner.....sad. I don't want to go KLang... i want to stay in KL. What to do ???

yay!!! Will be having farewell dinner later with my boss. yes, only my boss....coz the rest of them are not sad....See..this is the world of Consultants!!! Dog eat dog world..I get to gossip and say anything i want because i know i wont be going back to the job. LOL.

It feels so good to be at last day of work!~ The air i breathe is fresher...everything is nicer and more beautiful. Nice...

Say HIE to long holidays!!....* wave*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st Visit to the National Blood Bank

If you are not sure where National Blood Bank is, just head down to Titiwangsa. A junction after the  Istana Kebudayaan and Balai Seni Lukis on your left, turn left. The National blood Bank will be on your right.

It is scary to be there for the first time. Everywhere is so gloomy, and i swear that the waiting period was the hardest to bear.

The doctor asked," Hie, we found some virus in your blood but we cant confirm what virus it is, that is why we asked u here again to do a blood test."

" What kind of virus you are suspecting?"
"At the moment, we are not sure. Everything is not confirm until further testing is carried out."
"There a few questions that i would like to ask you to help us in recording. You know it could also be a factor. So, Have you done blood transfusion before? Have multiple partner? Sharing needles? "

OH GOSH!! Isn't the questions related to AIDS??????!?~!?~

I have to admit that the first day it is really bothering me. But i managed to put it aside.. hide it in a little corner of my mind so that i can enjoy my last few days in 2010 and enjoy the quality time spent with everyone ushering 2011. Why worry?? Take things easy...appreciate what i have now.....leave it all to the day before i get the report....then, i have more time to be worried  :)

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 is better than 1?

Who said two is better than 1?

  • Last minute cinema booking is never easier when you are catching the movie alone. There wont be anyone finishing up the popcorn or the drinks you bought.
  • You no longer have to waste money buying movie tickets to a show that you are not interested
  • You can leave the house anytime without needing to wait for the other
  • You don't need to do extra chores. You only need to clean your own stuffs.
  • Don't have to be worried when another person is not feeling well.
  • You have all the time in the world all to yourself. You can shop from am to pm. Who cares?
  • Your dog can sleep with you at night. Allergy? Who cares?
  • You can slip on your sexiest nightie or a dress without needing to care if another person likes it or not.
  • You are free to go on a date. Any boys...any to drink....
  • Need not scratch head thinking how to impress "his" family members.
  • Start being a taker instead of giver. Who cares!~
  • Free to go on vacation without needing to fit into each other's schedule
  • Need not report to anyone if you are home late or you are going out late
  • Save money on gifts for anniversaries, birthdays,xmas, v'day, etc.
  • Don't have to be actively planning for all sorts of celebrations
  • No expectations, No disappointment = Happier live
I said 1 is better than 2

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Saw a few pictures of friends saying Macaroons are available in Malaysia. I know it has been quite some time, but at least i know how macaroons taste like now. bought a few from Harrods, KLCC....6 for RM15. According to the person, they will be having more flavors coming in January. I bought all the flavours ; orange, chocolate, raspberry and blueberries.

Since both D and I have never tasted it before,i bought it to surprise him. I stuffed the whole thing in my hand bag...and they ended up.......

I'm sorry, it is a little messed up. We both find it too sweet for our liking.