Monday, December 27, 2010

WMD 260

If u ever meet this red kenari on the road, stay away. He is a road bully.

I was in 1 Utama last Sunday, as expected the carpark is full, we went round and round but still cannot find a single parking space. So, we decided to wait at one land. This #$%#$% car, went past us, just to notice there is someone walking out from the autopay, he stopped his car. This couple from the autopay parked his car right in front of ours.  Question 1 : Who do u think should be taking that space? Me or that $%^&$%^ WMD 260??

I'm sure you would say Me, right? Hell ...Bless this car. As soon as he saw that couple's car, he reversed his to the side of ours. Waited for the car to come out, then he happily went in. I wanted to get off the car so much to reason with him....IF ONLY it is NOT christmas day...a day of forgiving....I WOULD!!

But still....forgiving doesn't mean forgeting rite? So here i am posting a picture of this car with its owner. BLESS YOU!!!