Thursday, November 12, 2009

Invisible Hair

I am getting irritated by the "invisible" hair going loose. I was kind enough to share my bed with Elmo for the past 2 days only to find out it is the shedding season. As i'm sitting here typing this piece of article, i can feel tiny hairs brushing on my nose...sticking to my face.....and it is darn irritating. I have gotten a roller to get rid of all those hair...and im thinking of getting a tape to stick those hair away.

If you think that vacuuming my room will help, think not.... i already did that yesterday.Still not helping. I can see tiny hairballs under my pillows and on my blanket. ASthmatic!!~
ERghhh!~ Those hairs are really getting into my nerves....Im going insane!~ erghhh...i wish i can transform into a vacuum cleaner now...suck all the tiny ones into the bag...maybe suck elmo in too~ there there will be no hairs flying around.... maybe i should buy elmo an astronaut's that the hair will not gone loose in air....erghhh!~...Not sure what im talking abt....Madness~ Madnesssssssss!~~~~~~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Appetizing food

Lemon Sauce Chicken

Black soy sauce pork

This is one of my favourite dishes during childhood~ Mama will always prepare this for me.

Marinate the meat in black soy sauce + ground pepper + sugar + soy sauce for about 30 min or more. Then fry them. Add a little water (for sauce) , simmer and adjust seasoning to taste. Simple yet appetizing

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Breakfast with loves

I got the inspiration from Paddington.

Main course- Americano Pancake

If you are wondering what are the two things on the eggs.....??? Those are Failure of heart shaped pancake... I don't have a mold or cutter....hmmpphh

Dessert - hmmm..let's just name this "Relationship"

In a relationship, we often have arguments and misunderstandings...that will be represented by the strawberries...looks good from the outside...sometimes sweet...sometimes sour... but, we still can't get enough of it..

Sweet memories and moments when he confessed his love, when he pledged the vows, first kiss, the first date.....AwwWwww...those are as sweet as Honey...

Of course, with only strawberries and honey, that wouldn't fill up your hungry stomach. This is when the pancake comes in... to fulfill and complete a wonderful "relationship", when two hearts beat as one.