Friday, December 25, 2009

I-City @ Klang

Read abt I-City in the newspaper, so we went to a little adventure. Without doing any research, no google map, we just blindly follow our instincts. Haha...of coz we did ask around...but somehow not many ppl know abt it. Maybe it is still a new township. Took the wrong turning...going in circles...loosing out like a headless chicken btw Klang and Shah Alam. Well, i'm still not sure if I-City is in Klang or Shah Alam. Indeed, that's adventure....I love it~ Going on a little adventure with a group of friends is FUN!!!

It is written in the newspaper that there will be snow until 10.30pm. When we arrived, we were 25 minutes too late.

"boy, i missed you kisses,all the time but this is.... twenty five minutes too late.... Though you travelled so far, boy i'm sorry you are Twenty five minutes too late "

okay...Back!! Back!! Feets on the ground....
We saw a church event...with stage performance and choir going on...The place is kinda empty...only shoplots....and Hey!! Where is the snowman and those reindeers we saw in the newspaper??? We didnt manage to locate those things there... only one giant partially litted christmas tree....then the decorated landscape on the other side.

This is the giant christmas tree....

Moving on to the other side....

Lotsa lotsa xmas treess.....

The trees....

The various colours of trees....

If you are wondering where is caren.... she was around...just not in the mood of taking photos...

Us again....weee....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bulgarian Restaurant in Penang

The ambience is good...cosy but the llighting is a little too dim. Maybe it is great place for a romantic dining with your loved ones?

This is like creamy mushroom sauce with chicken. Seriously, nothing special....just a little spicier than the normal mushroom sauce because of the capsicums and onions.

Pork Rib...taste good ....but similar to Chinese food.

2 person's meal for less than RM 100...worth trying..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creative Bun

You will not say "No" to 'creative' bun

Tomato Bun with Ham

Egg rolled sausage

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall

Yesterday was World Ninja Day...thought of dropping by Ninja Joe for lunch but i forgot. Super absent minded these days. It must be age catching up...sigh...

Today, after recommended by Swee Song, finally we were there~ It is just a small corner shop in Tropicana City Mall.

This will be the counter....Note that only Pork burger is chicken, no beef...ONLY pork!! Guess this is the first fast food outlet with solely non-halal word. The pork burger comes with several choice of flavours : Original, Oriental, Black Pepper, Teriyaki, Spicy and Sweet & Sour. Only 3 side orders and 3 type of drinks. This is not like the major fast food chain...only 3 workers in the shop.

And i found something special.......if your name has the word "JOE", u can have RM1 rebate...or if u have watched "Ninja Assassin"....

I had Teriyaki. Absolutely not suitable for those with hunger pang. Why?? The size of the burger is really small...A normal person should at least eat 2 burgers, each for RM 5.90...not cheap. That price is for burger Excluding fries and drinks. IF you want the set of burger + fries + drink...add RM3.00. Each drink cost RM2.50. I didnt get the fries though....too common....we wanted to try something special...the Shurikens.

Teriyaki Pork Burger

Black Pepper Pork Burger

Shurikens ( mashed potato + pork nugget)... This is not not NOT cheap. RM4.95 for a packet of 5...... *sweat*

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy birthday , Wong Annie

This sexy will be sitting for her exam in a week time. It is awful to birthday during the exam period. sigh ....Nvm
I told her to finish as much as she can before her birthday, then take a day off. No harm taking a day off to celebrate birthdday, right?? Moreover you don't get to celebrate 26th birthday ever again. It is once in a lifetime thingy... YOU ought to celebrate it~

Hereby wishing her...all the best for her exam, get prettier and sexier..improved wealth and health.



Psstt!! I know she is not going to rea this, but still....