Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally... i bathed him

I have never washed my car ever since i came to kl....*counting fingers* ...almost a year and a half....*giggles* Okay...not that bad. i did send my car to 'car wash' for....erm....*scratching head*....3 times??...or so....hahaha.... You know i'll always have my reasons for everything....
Top 5 excuses for not washing car
1. I dont find it dirty
2. Too busy
3. Long queue
4. I'll get it done this weekend
5. It's going to rain soon

However,....last Tuesday afternoon (close to early evening), i finally found a stronger determination to overcome the excuses mentioned above. Actually two stronger reasons....they are ; I have two more friends to yak with while i get my car done ; and Wash+ Vacuum+ Polish = RM38 ONLY !!! eh.. suddenly though of the third reason, which is ...lazy to go back to the lab (<---this will be the strongest supportive reason..ngek ngek)

I would say, they have the best service ever because they really scrubbed and rubbed over and over again to polish my car's body and tyres. I will definitely go back to that place for my next car wash. Anybody wants to come with me??

Look at my car now!!! Clean and Shiny !!