Friday, April 9, 2010

Daidomon@ Jln Ampang

Daidomon is at 3rd Floor of Great Eastern Mall. They are having two promotions that is RM43.90++ and RM88++. The cheaper one you will be entitled to get a scallop and oyster. No wagyu. However, if you are taking the more expensive have access to all food in the menu. That is not all... you will be having a complimentary soft shelled crab and prawn tempura. Since the 5 of us is taking the higher package, we have a complimentary red wine.

Everything served are raw... so, you can choose to cook it or take it raw!~

Sounds good, right?? The main reason for us to be there is the wagyu beef. You guys know how expensive that is, and with only RM88++.... i can get as much as i can. wink wink

One ques : How much can you eat???

The kaki makan buffet!~

The first plate of wagyu they really melt in your mouth. I kid you NOT~ If you are wondering how can the meat melt in your mouth? Simple!!! Coz they have more fats than any ordinary beef. Due to this reason, you can't take much of wagyu. At most, 5-6 pieces....then you will be waving the WHITE FLAG!!

The soft shelled crab and the tempura prawn?? Soooooo filling.... after taking those... you will be at 40%. Adding in the wagyu and some ox will be 80%. BURp!~ 20% for the scallop and the oyster lor.... Here i must emphasize that the scallops and oysters are so darn HUGE!~ Ichiban neh!~

From the picture, the oysters are in the hot pan, the round white stuffs are the scallops...huge, rite?? Right below the hotpan is the wagyu. The rest are the mixed sashimi, ox tongue, lamb belly, ostrich meat, edamame and some cooked food.

Variety of food?? Pls look at the menu, that is all they have.....sigh...disappointed~

Sausages?? serious??!~
Fruits.... basically, you will only order things from the first three pages. You may ignore the rest. BElieve me...that is all in the menu...only 5 pages.

As for drinks, they have only 4 types, green tea (hot/cold), lychee, orange and guava.

This is me and Caren , trying out the smile detection...didnt work well for 6 shots...and you can see...i am already screaming..."Aaaahhh....why like that???!~"

Total bill....RM102 per head...inclusive of 10% service charge and 5 % government tax. I would think it is not really that worth it with that much of variety. The merit will be... you get to eat extra ordinary stuffs in which you don't see in normal japanese buffet. Your choice~ This will be my first and my last time there~

Caught in the act~

This is not only a restaurant, they are selling some stuffs like grandfather clock, some deco and lamps. This Mr. caught doing unproper stuffs in public. If that is the fengshui ball rolling in the water....i bet you will be banned from this restaurant. Erm...but i dont think he