Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hannah & Asher

Yesterday i went over to Shern's house for a visit. I feel pretty bad for not attending her full moon party as she is one of my best girls.

Asher is so big now...his cheeks are like gold fish... soooo cute!~...He looks exactly like Marcus.
Hannah...girl will always be a girl...very naughty. Lotsa temper...blame it on the hormones or the genes (just like her mom..opss..!!).

I had so much fun babysitting them...and i'm good....must be the experiences gained while taking care of my nieces more than 15 years ago.* Pat pat on my own back*....Ahemm....  Shern joked that maybe she should hire me. Hmmm it is ExPensIve to hire me as a nanny-u know???

These babies...they are so cute and innocent, that you sometimes wonder, what's in their mind?what are they thinking?

Hannah & Asher would be mesmerized whenever i carry them, especially Hannah girl. She would stare...and stare ....and stare....without moving...hardly blinking......That Scares me!!! I keep asking their mummy if this is normal. I mean, is this their hobby....just staring at people's face...without moving?  Seriously, it is Spooky!~

At one point of time, I thought .....*fingers crossed...toes too...*.....she's dead with her eyes open...........(ssssHHhsssHH....don't their her mummy)....Once I confirmed that she is still breathing.....her mommy quickly grab her handphone camera, then start snapping away....she claimed that this is a rare sight. LOL. There she goes, having lotsa pictures of Hannah and my boobs. She's still tiny and fragile, so i have to carry her close to me...there is where my boobs get into the picture. COvered...they are covered.of course i'm with my clothes on, please...

Another scary incident will be....Asher forgets to wake up
Both babies will normally sleep after taking milk,then wakes up after 1-2 hours (max) for milk. On that particular day, I fed Asher milk (from the milk bottle...not the other source) then tapped him to sleep. Mommy was very greatful that day because he slept quite soundly, so there was only Hannah left to handle.After 2 hours, mommy prepared milk...waiting for Asher to be cranky and start yelling for milk....but he didnt. After 4 hours, he was still sleeping. Mommy said he should be hungry by then, so she gently woke him up then went over to the kitchen to heat up and bring the milk......there...he is back to sleep. Mommy started to question me ," LWL, what did you feed my son? Did u drug him?"

We had fun laughing at Hannah's hypnotized look and Asher-being-drugged- incident. I had a wonderful time catching up with my buddy and hopefully i was being helpful there.