Monday, August 2, 2010

Thai SeaFood @ Ulu Langat

I have been having cravings for Thai Food last weekend.
It is time to pay this place a visit. Operated by Siamese.

The man-made lake is surrounded by the restaurant. Here you will have fresh fish from the pond.

First booth...thai dessert....yay!~ Mango sticky rice!~ RM8 per bowl

The BBQ corner. Look at the size of the crab.

Their raw market...

While waiting for the food to arrive..... saw them netting fish...

Fresh Japanese snails...

The moment i saw this .. i was like... Gosh....must be a lot of nyamuk. Surprising there wasnt any. We were there until 8++


TOdy (RM5)
yes, they serve home brewed tody. Nice~ Nicest toddy sour alcohol smell....sweet like coconut

Seafood tomyam (RM18)
The taste should be better if more chillies were added. What's in there?? 3 Prawns, sotong and lala. Maybe small bits and pieces of fish.

Deep fried vege (RM 8)
This is so crispy and yummy. You can eat it like is like those freeze dried mushroom in watson's. Of course....this is oily.
BBQ Japanese Snails (RM12)
Never tried ....first time eating...just like any snails meat..chewy chewy...not much taste but it is fresh ( of course it is fresh...fresh from the water ma...*slaps myself)....but i think it would be better if it is cooked with gravy. I'm also a lazy person... lazy to poke them by one...

Salted egg york + fried sotong (RM 15)
Must eat while it is hot. I personally think that the egg is not that salty. Could be better if it is a little more salty

Thai style steam fish (tilapia) [RM 27]
Nice...sour + a little spicy.

If you are bringing outside beverages in, an additional charges of RM30 will be included

We were guessing how much will this meal cost...since we ordered so much seafood. A friend of mine told me it is not cheap. We too see alot of expensive cars here...must be something.

The moment the waitress handed the bill.... My eyes almost popped out. RM101.50???!~?!?
SOoooooooo Cheap!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!~

I would think that the food is too much for the 3 of us....but in the end, we managed to whack everything...can even order mango sticky rice....waaaa... we all eat like an elephant after the elephant sanctuary.

A recommended place for family and friends gathering. Cheap and nice food~