Saturday, September 12, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

it always happen to me...every year...every festive seasons....without fail.

A month or 3 weeks prior the festive seasons, I got all excited and shopped for the greeting cards. I will make sure no one is missed out from the list. All cards are nicely written with name(s), greetings phrase, personal msg.....signed....sealed...with address on it....and...


It would be i forgotten to buy stamps for them or...never got them posted.They will lay happily....rotting on the table. Piles and piles of letters,newspapers, magazines will be stacked on it....then, when the festive season is over, time for spring cleaning...then i see them again.

Trying to be a positive thinker , i will utter comforting words like "Never mind i can still 'recycle' them for next year" . I know it is just an excuse...but what can i do?? Throw them away?? No way!! I'm a fan of "Loving mother nature". I'm a science student - remember? :P

Later i decided to send electronic greeting cards to all of them. There will be no excuse for me to procastinate. I was wrong....I don't have all their email address !! Then i have to ask or sms them for their email add. Disadvantage of this is...they will take their own sweet time to reply u...then u will not be around your the sms stay happily in your inbox until your next season of "inbox spring cleaning".


I found the best way to convey my messenge to all of them....not only to all my anyone who is reading my blog...


GIRLS, indulge urselves in all the delicious, finger-licking cuisines. Eat first, diet later. LOL