Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Giving love without receiving

i was browsing through the internet when i saw this story...

A lion by the name of Christian was adopted since he was a cub by two young man. They grow up together, the two young man never ill treated Christian. Christian seemed to understand them by the tone of their voice. Just like my dog. It was like rearing a dog with them, they gave him his own playground down under, they played soccer together,etc. As Christian gets older, his size and weight are the thing to be worried about instead of him biting others. He was and i believe still a tame cat. This is when they decided to release him back to the wild in Africa. After a year of separation, they decided to pay Christian a visit inregardless of fearing if the lion might attack them instead. What happened next? click here to see the 'reunion' video of a lion with his owners


This video actually bring tears in my eyes. It reminds me of the dog, whom i never owned at my neighbourhood. As a borned animal lover, i love animals since i know my 123 and ABC. I intended to go near to touch and sometimes hug these little thing wherever i go. I have no fear that they would attack me because i believe that they 'sense' my love towards them and i will never hurt them. True enough, i've never been attacked by any stray dogs around me. The story that touches my heart and still remain vivid in my mind is this skinny black female dog.

Those days when i was living in Bukit Mertajam, there were two stray dogs loitering around my street. I'm not sure where it came from...not sure if they have an owner...One thing i'm sure of is that, they cause no harm. Not much on the other brown doggy, this black dog attracts my attention. Why? Simply because 'she' never fails to accompany me to tuition class across the street. Every Monday morning, this dog will waiting at my door, keeping me accompanied ..walking down the street to my class. An hour later, as 'she' sees me coming out of the class, it will run towards me....walking me back home. Everytime without fail...at times i can see 'her' waiting outside my class. The strange thing is, 'she' always run away when i get near to touch her. 'She' knows i mean no harm to 'her' but why is she running away from me? 'She' could be a victim of animal cruelty. Or 'she' simply do not want to share 'her' fleas with me. At times when i argued with my parents, i would be crying at the garden , feeling angry and unwanted. There 'she' will appear at my gate, staring at me then just lay there with me.

There was this day when i was in school, my mom called to send me a bad news. Mom said a few Malay kids had complained to their mom saying there are two stray dogs almost attacked them. I swore i saw them throwing stones at the dogs and 'she' was just trying to scare those kids of by barking at them. Their mom reported to the authorities, then the people came to take 'her' away eternally. 'She' was so afraid that 'she' crawled under my brother's car, refusing to go out. I was very mad at mom blaming mom for the death of the dog. mom can just buy her a license for only RM10. With that RM10, mom could have saved 'her' life. 'She' was wailing and all the pushing and pullings, there were messy blood stains at my porch. I was soooo mad at those kids...cursing them with all the foul languages that i could think of....blaming my mom for not buying that license for the dog...and blaming myself for not being there for 'her'....for not being able to even pat 'her' or protect 'her' afterall 'she' protected me on every Monday mornings. Dear God, if 'she' is there with YOU now, please let 'her' know how much i wanted to be there for 'her' that morning....How much i want to love 'her'....to touch...and least.. to bring 'her' home with me with just that RM10.I'm so sorry..Lord, thank you for sending this angel to be with me even for a short period of time..she has taught me to love without receiving...In YoUR beautiful name i pray... Amen. GOsh!~...my eyes are leaking....flooding already......

I hope the story of the lion will eventually touched the hearts of those who hate animals...and to those who hate dogs. Dogs are like cats laying at your home..just that they are more loyal than cats! The next time u are mad at your pets, before you decided to transfer that energy from your hand to that tiny body...do consider this...they won't be able to complain when they are ill treated, they wont be able to tell u that they are hurt, you would not be able to see them cry, but twhat do they do is...they will still be there for you, love you until their dying breathe.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't wait for this Wed..~

Balik kampung...wow wow wow balik kampung...

I'm going back to Penang this Wednesday. yeah!~!...Taking the aeroline for the first time. Okay...i'm katak dibawah tempurung...thank you...but this would be my first ride on a double decker bus. The website describe it like a luxurious ride. Lounge + meal + free flow of drinks + cabin crew + Toilet +etc. For more information, please visit https://www.aeroline.com.my/
I will definitely snap some pics and review on ride to see if it is as luxurious and as enjoyable like it is described in the webpage.
The thing is....i have to get up at 7am, take lrt to klcc to get to the bus...7am..imagine...this is the time where everyone goes to work...eh??!~..silly me...wednesday is public holiday...mana ada org pergi kerja...?? hehe...sorry sorry...my mistake...I'm looking forward for this ride....I miss my penang members soooo much!~...Let's pray that they have time for me and pray for journey mercy...festives season...lotsa unwanted incident...to those of you who will be travelling back this Raya, drive safe and Selamat Hari Raya

Monday, September 22, 2008

Humble food

Curry fish + prawn + cucumber

This recipe is specially for Jessie C....

Fish curry paste
Ikan Kembong
bunga kantan
pineapple slice
daun curry
garlic + onion
coconut milk (minus this if u don't want it to be lemak)

1. Fry the garlic and onion. Add in the paste + leaves + flower + Fruits + water + salt + sugar

2. Bring to boil. Add in cucumber + prawn. Lastly fish. Bring to boil. Add in coconut milk after
making sure the prawn and fish is cooked.

Ma Po taufu

Friday, September 19, 2008

Routine checkup

Flu....someone spread the virus to me again...sigh. Didnt get to sleep well last night, woke up quite early. Had appointment with Naghmeh in the lab to discuss something. Then, i went over to the post office to pick up my item.

Guess what i saw in the hospital today....haha...they have this "Jangan merokok" campaign...as usual you will see lotsa articles and posters around...with some mini exhibitions. So, these are what i saw ...
I find the middle one kinda funny..so i took the close-up pic of it.

The cigratte actually killed the smoker by peircing through its body. Haha..what a good wake up call....

This is Seng...trying to buy from the devilish cigarette seller. Each of them has a difference side effects written. I think he took the "mati pucuk" one.....haha

Now, this is me buying from the devil....and i'm slowly becoming a devil myself because of the regular purchase...heheh

This is Mr. Chooi doing his regular eye check up. I don't know what machine is this but it functions to check the perimeter of your sight. One is supposed to look through the middle spot, then click on the mouse if you see any blinking light. The blinking light will appear anywhere in the field. Hence, the sensitivity of your eye sight towards the degree of the blinking light will indicates whether you have a pair of healthy eyes or not. errr...am i getting complicated? ...nvm...anyway...he enjoys the test.No pain at all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Dr. Lau just came back from a conference in Japan...she bought us this...


Carmen bought Elmo this shirt....This boy is loving it...he wouldnt want me to take it off....see...tidur pun nak pakai.
Not only sleeping,
Gaming also nak pakai....
If i'm not mistaken, Pumpky has almost the same shirt too. hmmmpph...Shall i buy one too?

I just want to get a good picture of him....but he run here and there...playing hard to catch game...I cannot tahan ad....i pointed at his nose and scolded him. So, this is what he looks like whenever i scold him...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have long heard of this new JUSCO in Bandar Perda. Yesterday, i woke up at 5.45am to start my journey back to my beautiful hometown -Penang. I was so excited the night before because i seldom have the chance to drive from KL to PG....firstly because they think it is too dangerous for me to do so, secondly, the increasing cost of travelling, thirdly, Mr. Pumpky wants to take the flight. I personally prefer taking the bus because i get to enjoy the whole journey back home. I get to see the highways, the cars, the sceneries and maybe i can walk around in Ipoh,etc. Taking the flight is a little too fast...and i dont get to enjoy the feeling of going home.

I'm sorry, i got too carried away at expressing my journey back home. Okay...as i was hopping from shops to shops in the new JUSCO, suddenly i saw a familar face appearing in about 200m away from me. I tried to avoid, but too late. She popped up right in front of me. I have no choice but to flash my sweetest smile and say ,

" Hie, Ms O**! How are you doing?". (that face..hmmphh.).

"What's your name already, i don't remember..hehe..".... "WeiLing, teacher."
"Oh ya! I remember your face but not your name." still smiling
"So, what are you doing now? working already???
I said, " Nah...i'm still a student. Doing my master in UPM"
With that ever surprising and sarcastic look on her face she said ""OH....You must be a good student .Master in what?"
"No lah. I'm just an average student. Master of Science." (trying to maintain...steady)
"How's much are u paying for the fees in upm? Expensive or not?"
" Not too bad. The government is paying for my fees, not too expensive."
"The government??What do you mean?"
" I got the scholarship from the uni." still flashing my teeth..
Her eyes got bigger and i guess she almost dropped her jaw.....and with that hard-to-believe face,she said, " Wah! You must be a bright student. Which class were you in last time ar?" ..thinking hard...." SC2 ,rite?"
"Yea..hehe..." Yea i know SC2 is the second and also the last class....so what???
" I remember you were not so into studies last time,isnt it?"
Oh really?? I can't excel doesn't mean i'm not in studying....That doesnt mean i'm still the buffalo you thought i am...ishh!! Oh sorry...correction...correction....BIG buffalo..to be exact..
Then we proceeded to some of her favourite students who used to be in UPM...yaadaa yaadaa,...

Okay....the rest of the conversation is not so important...therefore, needless to continue...the important parts has been said. It's up to you to analyse....haha

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Meal

my Pumpky cooked me a meal....*counting fingers* , although not the first meal....but it is the same food. Didn't get to capture the first meal, so i'm putting this up. According to him, he has a certain level of 'professionalism' in cooking instant noodle...haha...the bonus is the add on sunkist orange...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good vs Bad

We can't avoid making mistakes while cooking,right? Today i made the biggest mistake..that is to use freshly cooked rice to make fried rice for lunch.....the rice became so starchy that it actually turned into baby porridge....and hey! it can be a healthy for toddler. I'm serious. Add some cabbage and cauliflower in it...tasted good.Just that , by the outlook of it....erk!...

Dinner: It was raining so heavily and i do not want to soak myself in the rain, so i decided to use the canned food. Sardine and luncheon meat + cabbage and cauliflower in chilli. Please forgive the poor quality pics. I was ashamed to snap those dishes but my housemate insisted to do so. He said without failure, there is no room for improvement. Nicely said...so here it is.. i don't even bother to have a second glance at the captured pics,in which turned up to be so blur.sorry...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Fried minced meat with potatoes

Fried cabbage,carrot,prawn and tang hoon

Choi Hsia's blog is so tempting. She inspires me to cook when time allows me to. So here it is, our dinner. Cost abt RM18 only...The colour of the picture is a little too orangie...the pork supposed to be in brown...and the cabbage is slightly whiter than in the picture...

Oh! Almost forgotten to add in pictures of hardworks....people in action to prepare the nice food. hehe

One doing back up job, the other doing front line.... so, who gets the credit? ..hehe

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i'm cooking again...hehe

Rained quite heavily early evening. Didnt want to go out...do not want to get wet in the rain...therefore, i decided to cook. Here are the two dishes; minced meat egg plant and the all time favourite curry chicken. Got all the ingredients downstairs at the "Pasar Borong". This meal cost RM15. Is it cheap or expensive? Yitseng rated these two dishes quite oh....it took me 1.5 hour to prepare these...sigh!~..what to do? i have only one stove.sob sob..