Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't wait for this Wed..~

Balik wow wow balik kampung...

I'm going back to Penang this Wednesday. yeah!~!...Taking the aeroline for the first time. Okay...i'm katak dibawah tempurung...thank you...but this would be my first ride on a double decker bus. The website describe it like a luxurious ride. Lounge + meal + free flow of drinks + cabin crew + Toilet +etc. For more information, please visit
I will definitely snap some pics and review on ride to see if it is as luxurious and as enjoyable like it is described in the webpage.
The thing is....i have to get up at 7am, take lrt to klcc to get to the bus...7am..imagine...this is the time where everyone goes to!~..silly me...wednesday is public holiday...mana ada org pergi kerja...?? hehe...sorry mistake...I'm looking forward for this ride....I miss my penang members soooo much!~...Let's pray that they have time for me and pray for journey mercy...festives season...lotsa unwanted those of you who will be travelling back this Raya, drive safe and Selamat Hari Raya