Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tiring Day

I should be waking up at 9am and get my butt to the lab by a natural procastinator...and my passion towards sleep....ended up, waking up at 10.30am.

Grabbed my lunch at the nearest bakery ...drove to campus... before arriving at the parking spot, a strange acting motorcyclist was beside my car. Thinking he must be up to something, i glanced over,he gave some signals saying that my tyre is flat. OMG!! FLAT???~...Upon arriving at a safe parking place, went down to check on the tyres. My front left tyre is completely flat.

Went straight up to the lab, hoping to get some "man power" to help out. Sad to say that, the men in my lab is just not man enough. They were either busy doing their stuffs or disappearing to no where. Okay~!.. I'm going to settle this ON MY OWN!

One hand on the phone with Pumpky, the other busy searching for the spare tyre and some tools. I have to admit that i was looking stupid trying to unscrew the tyre. Stepping and Jumping on the tool. The sad thing is, there was No ONe there to offer me a hand. @#$%!@#$ Lucky me...managed to do it on my own.....But the unfortunates didn't stop there...the spare tyre is flat too...erghh~...Couldnt bother more abt it.... i drove to the nearest tyre shop with the almost flat spare tyre...

After everything...i thought i can finally settle down ...picked up a book in the library...having some relaxing moments and also catching up in the research...not forgetting my appointment for facial at 5.30pm. 15 minutes after i stepped into the library, it started to rain like cats and dogs. Left my car some distance away from the umbrella...and i have to cancel on the facial appointment...after cancelling the appointment , which is at about 6pm, the rain stopped. ERGH~!