Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recollecting my Broken Heart

Remember i told u abt that f6 senior...who wants to keep in touch with me...??
3 weeks ago....he called to ask for X's number... they know each other back then in school. they were in the same committee for a society. ( X is a girl)
so i sms X to ask her if it is ok for me to give him. She didnt reply. that guy....sounded like there is something urgent.... within 30 min.. he sms me twice...and called once...asking me to send him her number...coz he wants to call her b4 11pm that day. I asked him why the hurry?.....he said.. just to keep in touch. I thought maybe he doesnt want to tell a 'stranger'  what is the actual reason...btw...who am i to ques him rite? since so urgent... so i gave him lo

That night... X sms me... saying something like this .."" zzzzz u already given him my number."

ok..that is done....

tonite....i got an sms from X. saying

" anyway, weiling, im very disappointed of what you have done but Thanks for reminding me what kind of friend you are to me."

i replied, " what have i done?"

she said, "you gave someone, my number, who you pestered you and also whom u claimed to be weird without my consent"

i said, " S lo. i told u already wor. he said want to keep in touch and need it urgently dat day. if giving ur number to ur old fren is hurting u, im truly sorry." (S is that senior guy)

"actually i felt upset of the way u handle it, as u knew that he is weird but yet you gave him my number just to stop him calling u . i would really appreciate, that u get my approval before giving it, or give me their number instead.

"i feel weird coz we've nv spoken to each other b4. i nv tot that he'l stop calling me after getting ur number. if he is bothering u, let him know"

....then no more sms......

I'm terribly sad after the first sms. after long consideration..i was driving at that wrong coz i gave him her number before she said  yes....although he sounded macam emergency. maybe that S is calling her everyday to disturb...dats why she is i sms S,

" hey do u mind doing me a favor? would u not call X so often? she's not comfortable with that. hope u understand."

That S.. i think he also suddenly got shocked or what....he replied in 4 sms

" hi, i called her the day u gave me her num. then on wed, i msg her, she dint reply. then fri , i call her, she din answer. but she msg me and said not to call her."

" i replied her n said im sori 4 making her feel uncomfortable. i told her i just ott of kiping in touch. i told her i will stop msging and calling her. tht was last week.

"from last week til now, i never msg or call her n i dont intend 2 anymore. also thats why i stop calling and msging u coz u 2 mite  not lilke it. until u say its ok"

" until u say its ok 2 call n msg u. then only  i'l call n msg u . if u also dun feel comfortable, then i will never call n msg u anymore. im sory 4 troubling u "

so, since she only picked up his call once.....WHAT IS THE BIG FUSS abt????? my mistake is giving him her number ..NEED TO BE SO SERIOUS MEH???

Certain phares really break my heart are....

"Thanks for reminding me what kind of friend you are to me."


"u knew that he is weird but yet you gave him my number just to stop him calling u"

What she doesnt know is that im very lonely over here in KL.I will be delighted if someone were to call me everyday just for a chat. At least, i know i have a friend who cares (whether or not that is the truth).I don't mind him pestering me at all.

X used to be my best friend...I didnt know my impression for her is worse than a friend. If someone did something intentionally like abv, that person is not your friend anymore. I'm just so sad and disappointed ( yes, i am also disappointed at her) that i fail as an individual, leaving all the wrong impressions...and fail to be even  her friend. 

Is this also a reason why I can't mixed well with D's friends too?Am i really a failure?