Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Mr. M.Pede

The millipedes are in danger......Must seek rescue immediately!! The number of foe is increasing !!

Firstly, immerse the cotton into ethanol, then wipe on its body. I'm not sure if this is the right way, but this way works...and the millipedes looks healthy after that. Let me just explain what is going on and why do i need to "bathe" these pedes. Tiny mites were spotted all around the pedes, especially between the legs. Of course, one or two mites wont kill, but they will breed and all their cucu cicit feeding on the same pede is lethal.

What we did is to transfer them to a new home. Healthy life starts from healthy home. There we prepared autoclaved peat soil (mites-free) and do a little "washing up" for them.

The yellow substances that u see in the photo is the secretions made by the millipede when it is frighten. One of the defensive response. These yellow substances may cause irritations to your skin especially if there is an open wound. Always wash your hands with soap after handling these babies..

okay this might look like the soil has fungus in it...BUT, they are not fungus. Just water reflected in flash light.
Happily living in their new home.

Mr. M.Pede saying "Thank you for the shower and new home"