Thursday, July 30, 2009


Those who know me...should know that i have childhood asthma. Now, let me tell u one thing....if you have childhood asthma..and it recovers after 12 years old (was been told by the doctor), that doesnt mean your asthma is gone forever!!!! Your asthma will still come back during your adulthood!!

When i was younger, ASthma attack only occured when i have cough. Now, not anymore. It attacks when you u least predict it. My first experience of asthma during adulthood is during my uni days. I'm allergic to alcohol~ Of coz, NOT kampai !!! But beer (at times). Symptom will be simply, i will have itchy throat, cough..., phlegm building up, then...u will hear me whining Cascade reaction, konon~ Nobody panics!~ I'm a science student, i should know how to handle myself. Moreover, this is only mild asthma....don't even need an inhaler (yet?).

So, there are a few things i'm asthmatic to - pickled nutmeg, prawn head (especially those semi-cooked ones), alcohol ( high % only) and garlic ( the skin only). Today i discovered...i think im allergic to the raw ones as well. OMG!~ My bak kut teh with lotsa lotsa minced raw garlic. I googled and found that it may triggers asthma.....sigh...that is not all that i found..

Chocolate and strawberries can trigger asthma too~

I pray....that they wont cause any prob to me...plsssssss

Do you know that asthma is a type of allergy too? So, how to treat allergy? When i was young, my mouth will swell after taking prawns and crabs. WHAT? No prawns and crabs forever?? NO WAY!!! I still take prawns and crabs, but in moderate portion. Overtime, it heals :) that is how i treat asthma. (Pls note that my solution is not scientifically proven to treat asthma)