Friday, September 18, 2009

Japan police car in Msia?

Look what i have found this time??

Japanese police car

This car mimic the japanses police car and it is soooo cool. The windows are all tinted pitch black. I wonder if the Msian police and JPJ would allow this?

How cool~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me & My Dog

Woke up this morning to find Elmo greeting me at my door. It must be the human-dog relationship, he is beginning to act like a little boy. He would bring his toy ball to you, to play "Fetch"!!....Scratch you, then bring you to the place where his toy is trapped between the wires....Climb on your leg to get a little attention....roll up like a ball during the rainy days... Just too many things to mention all.

Guess he is learning to pose in front of camera....

The Good Boy Style

What Are You Staring At??

Don't Come near to me.....Doooon't Kisss me...

Nahhh...Give you all the kisses that you want...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

it always happen to me...every year...every festive seasons....without fail.

A month or 3 weeks prior the festive seasons, I got all excited and shopped for the greeting cards. I will make sure no one is missed out from the list. All cards are nicely written with name(s), greetings phrase, personal msg.....signed....sealed...with address on it....and...


It would be i forgotten to buy stamps for them or...never got them posted.They will lay happily....rotting on the table. Piles and piles of letters,newspapers, magazines will be stacked on it....then, when the festive season is over, time for spring cleaning...then i see them again.

Trying to be a positive thinker , i will utter comforting words like "Never mind i can still 'recycle' them for next year" . I know it is just an excuse...but what can i do?? Throw them away?? No way!! I'm a fan of "Loving mother nature". I'm a science student - remember? :P

Later i decided to send electronic greeting cards to all of them. There will be no excuse for me to procastinate. I was wrong....I don't have all their email address !! Then i have to ask or sms them for their email add. Disadvantage of this is...they will take their own sweet time to reply u...then u will not be around your the sms stay happily in your inbox until your next season of "inbox spring cleaning".


I found the best way to convey my messenge to all of them....not only to all my anyone who is reading my blog...


GIRLS, indulge urselves in all the delicious, finger-licking cuisines. Eat first, diet later. LOL

Friday, September 11, 2009

Digesting ALIEN food in HUMAN stomach

It has been known by centuries that i hated maths, no calculations, finance...

Can't believe that i said "Yes" when my " " uttered the magic word. No, NOT the 3 magical "i love you". It is "PLease".

My " " is not just anybody...he is someone i have known for all my life. My " " is my....


As long as i can remember, we never had good terms together for more than a week. That is true!!! Sisterly love?? Brotherly love?? BULLSHIT!!! No such term exist between us , although he is my only sibling. Cool right?

I regretted saying "Yes" to you that day!!! I rEEEEEEgretttttt.....!!

He sent me 2 books to study and a set of past years questions to revise, then i have to sit for 2 exams (on the same day) within a month.

Now, i'm swimming in the sea of investments. Showering in all those "Fixed Income Securities", "Bonds", " Investment Trust", "Derivatives", etc... I have never come across those terms....they are strangers to me....and now, i'm sitting here....making notes on all those aliens????

I will claim my reward from you soon after i passed the exams.... I SHALL be rewarded handsomely. Yes, he can buy a right , but it is an obligation, to recognize my merits !!!(uhhmm i think it sounds like from the book...right but not obligation??...uuhhmm)

Done complaining....back to study......

Chapter 1......
Chapter 2......
Chapter 3 ......
Chapter .......... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pray for me

Final stage

Folks, wish me at my final stage of the project...i need lotsa lotsa luck..

Doing cloning now. Tried a few times, but fail...tried troubleshooting and all next week, i'm going to do it one last time...hope it works. I need to graduate end of this year. I have completed 40% of my thesis. If nothing goes wrong...end of this year or beginning of next year... i shall be free from UPM!!! Never ever would i want to come back to this place~ erk...

Friends, pls keep me in your prayers~ Terima kasih~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guess who is the cook?

I have been pretty lucky these days having this people to cook for all time favourite....Chinese cuisine...

"Tau cheong" steam fish

"Bombastic" pork rib

Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Mr. M.Pede

The millipedes are in danger......Must seek rescue immediately!! The number of foe is increasing !!

Firstly, immerse the cotton into ethanol, then wipe on its body. I'm not sure if this is the right way, but this way works...and the millipedes looks healthy after that. Let me just explain what is going on and why do i need to "bathe" these pedes. Tiny mites were spotted all around the pedes, especially between the legs. Of course, one or two mites wont kill, but they will breed and all their cucu cicit feeding on the same pede is lethal.

What we did is to transfer them to a new home. Healthy life starts from healthy home. There we prepared autoclaved peat soil (mites-free) and do a little "washing up" for them.

The yellow substances that u see in the photo is the secretions made by the millipede when it is frighten. One of the defensive response. These yellow substances may cause irritations to your skin especially if there is an open wound. Always wash your hands with soap after handling these babies..

okay this might look like the soil has fungus in it...BUT, they are not fungus. Just water reflected in flash light.
Happily living in their new home.

Mr. M.Pede saying "Thank you for the shower and new home"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Luna Bar

Long awaited chance to be Luna Bar. I missed it during Joyce's trip few years back, after that nobody ever dated me to places like that....Sad..That reminds me that i have not been in a date for so so long...

Me and my beloved "di di". This will be our first photo together

Grace, one of my "oldest" friend...we know each other since kindergarden...

The initial four of us