Friday, February 5, 2010

Best Laksa in KL

When you are a Penangnite, a hardcore laksa lover, staying in are like me~

As you food in KL is comparable to the ones in Penang. TRUE??

Not so true....i just found out a have comparable laksa quality to the one in Penang.
It is at Mama Nyonya, The Curve.

You have probably passed by this shop thousand million of times, but pay no attention to it. This shop is at the underground pass linking the curve to ikano. Now, open up your senses ( smell and see), sharpen your sensitivity whenever you are using the underpass.

The price might be a little pricey...RM5.80 a bowl, but to have a bowl of this quality when u are craving for laksa.......worth every penny. Unlike other laksa might "look" good, but with diluted and tasteless soup, this one.....phew~.....thick and strong may find bits and pieces of "ikan bawal" (yummmm...) that taste sooo good. Fresh fish...pineapple slices ( not all laksa have pineapple in it), excellent combination to challenge your taste bud. *wink*

Too spicy?? Looking for something to quench your thirst? Head on to the opposite side and you will find this....

The soya milk there is so so so original~ You may mix and match (not only for clothes) the ingredients for a better surprise.

D bought this..."tau fu far" with longans. Superb~

Seriously, it has been quite some time since i had such "hearty" hawker-style meal in KL.