Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kedai Runcit

Help!!! I'm hooked on to online shopping. Previously i bought a few dresses online and i couldn't even fit nicely in it. They are either too big or too small. So, i have given up on clothings, now on size fits all. yay!~

This is my current favourite online crafts blog - My Kedai Runcit

Victorian style earrings....
Lovely...only RM10 each...reasonable,right??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poco Homemade @ Bangsar

A small little cafe in Bangsar, right at the middle of the residential area. I bet not many people know of its existence, if it is not for the bloggers.

The entrance to the cafe...decorated with soft pastel shades....wooden interiors...

Poco Homemade is a little cafe house serving Japanese food with all the homemade interiors.
It should be a home run cafe. In fact, it is a great idea to sell both food and handcrafts. The design is simple and neat.

i like their printed menus on cloth. Creative~
Talking abt food varieties....not much. In fact they have limited choices of food. People is attracted to this cafe mainly because of the interiors and the idea it is selling....This is the best place to spend your weekend relaxing with a friend over tea.

I like the window!!! I like the way they use the recycle bags as both curtain and deco....they must be an environmentalist.

They display all the handcrafts at this side.....such as bags, passport holders,brooch, keychains, etc.

The service is good as in the waitress always wear a smile, but...i think because it is a low costing business or a home run business....there is only a waitress..and i think there is only a cook. Therefore, you have to wait a little longer for food to be served. Not a problem for a lazy Sunday...

The food!!!

Chicken Katsu Don

Chicken Curry Katsu Set

The total bill comes to abt RM30 including a bottomless drink. We didnt get to try their dessert. I'm gonna try their dessert next round...tofu cake...sounds nice :D

How to get there....???? ---> HERE!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too old for pimples

For the past 12 months, i have been complaining of getting zits especially before menses. Went to a famous skin specialist in KL to seek medication attention before it gets worse....but... the medication don't seem to help. First and second visit, i was given antibiotics...then at my last visit, he gave me a month supply of acne treatment pill. This pill will minimize or shrink the oil gland, therefore reduces pimples. During the treatment, my face is coping well except that it is really really dry. After treatment, the pimples are back.

I've tried changing pillow cases, detox, facial...nothing helps. Last month, the problem got flared up. My face was flooded with pimples...leaving ugly it or not....still leaves scars. GOsh~ It is really really bad that i'm still avoiding meeting friends, mirrors and camera. Imagine... i cannot post up any photos without editing it. It shows clearly in photos... SAD

I don't know what to do but to seek other skin specialist's advice. A friend recommended Nathan Skin Specialist. My first visit the consultation fee is RM100 that is 5 minutes of talking to the doctor and your photos taken by the nurse using compact camera. 2 weeks of medication, both oral and 2 creams that makes up to RM210. She skin product. You only wash your face with water...after that apply the cream that she's giving me. That's all. No make up for the rest of 6 months.

Okay...meaning im not going to meet anyone in this 6 months...coz i just can't go out with my face badly scarred like this.

A lady doctor said.. you should be able to see abt 40% improvement after two weeks. Great!~ i was impressed she used a solid figure to the results. Then i forget....she is an Indian.

My skin didnt get better...pimples are still popping out. The actino given has completely dry out my skin. The situation now? Super dry skin with pimples and scars. The scars too didnt fade off.

On my second visit, she came in for less than 5 minutes to see my face. She said..okay.. your skin got better now....i will ask the nurse to do some extractions for you then u will continue the medication for a month. I wasn't really surprised because she is an INDIAN....i told her..that my condition has not improved and that it is getting worse as i have many small little tiny pimples popping up everywhere. She turned to back of my consultation card (where my photos are pasted), turned to be....with a frown on her face...and sounding a little 'disturbed'..she said " i told you....this is not going to be fast. It will take at least 2 months to see improvement. Just take the medication and come back in a month time." ... then she walked off. Guess, how much is the bill this time?? ...RM450...

@#$%^&*@#$%^&* Now u see...why Indians make great politicians? Of course this is not oapplicable to all Indians.. i still have a number of really good indian buddies...

Now, i'm on my 4th weeks under the medication...and still no improvement. What should i do ?
Shall i go back to the previous Dr?? Or continue bollywooding with her?? Or start seeking beautician's help?

I don't seem to know the cause of my outbreak~

I have stopped all the skin products and make up..therefore they couldn't be the source

Hormonal imbalance?? My menses is regular....

Lack of sleep?? I'm sleeping well

Diet? I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. healthy food

Dirty pillow case?? i change it regularly..

what else can it be??

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori

Last Saturday was Bon Odori. This is the first time im attending it in Shah Alam ( went a few times back in Penang). Bon Odori is a festival of honouring their ancestors...something like our All Soul Days or 'Cheng Beng'.

The madness starts around 7pm+....Heavy traffic along the shah alam highway and jalan perkilangan. Imagine having double parking on the right and the left of the road. Insanely crowded. We have to walk for 20 min before arriving at the stadium.

Not many japanese there...more of Jap Doll-like Malaysians dressed up in Yukata. The cultural show....Nothing!~ Just repetition of dance. but the one thing i see is that the crowd would join in the dance. Most of them. You can actually see the whole field is alive~

The food is a big disappointment. I was starving thinking of getting some genuine and delicious jap food there, but the food supply wasnt enough to accomodate the crowd. If you see a stall with a longer queue, that is the stall with food. The rest are selling beverages, goodie bags or titbits.

We had 2 packets of mee goreng (RM10), 5 curry fish balls (RM5), a bowl of mini ice kacang (RM5). Don't ask me why am i having local food at a jap festival !!!~??.. I have no choice~

Just saw a few updates from friends in Penang. The bon odori there was awesome. The place is beautifully lit up, various cultural performances and fireworks!~...Sigh... What a disappointment!~

Friday, July 16, 2010

Venetian Seafood Buffet

Wow!! Wow!!....What are you waiting for????? Forget abt the diet....the diet starts after this meal...... *slurp*

Starting July until September, FAVOLA will be having a Venetian Seafood Buffet Lunch every Sunday. The details:

Time: 12pm - 2.30pm
Price 1: RM108++
Price 2: RM168++ get free flow of Prosecco
Children: RM54++

Crudo Bar:

  • Seafood on ice
    - Sweet flower crab /razor clams /prawns /oysters /rock lobster /mussels /clams
  • Dressings
    - Shallots vinegar /spicy tomato salsa /lemon wedges
  • Fish carpaccio
    - Tuna /salmon /grouper /butter fish /sword fish
  • Marinated seafood
    - Prawns /sea scallop /octopus
  • Salads
    - Caprese /tuna /squid /prawns
  • Bruchetta
    - Smoked salmon /crustacean mousse /marinated black mussels
  • Terrines
    - Crab terrine /fish & prawns pate /sea scallop timbale

Pass around:

  • Pasta
    - Potato gnocchi and crab dumpling
    - Roasted bell peppers coulis and Italian parsley
    - Gamberetti alla Pinoli
    - Prawns, chili, garlic, parsley, pine nuts and mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil
    - Conchiglioni marinara
    - Pasta with seafood in tangy tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese
  • Pizza
    - Salmone - mushrooms, herbs, olive oil, fresh salmon and Parmesan flakes
    - Venetian - lobster, scallops, prawns, calamari and clams
  • Fish and prawns
    - Charcoal grilled jumbo prawns
    - BBQ cod fish
  • Dolci
    - Home made cassata

To discover more please call or e-mail:

Tel: 603 2263 7434

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heart this - Malaysia Online Fashion Handbags Shopping: Shoulder Bags

This bag is so it!! but i vowed not to buy anything until Oct...
ErgHHH!!!! this is so hard to resist......

Another reason to convince... i'm also doing charity when buying this bag?? Oh No!! should i get it or not??? D will definitely be mad at me.... dilemma...

Can someone get this for me as......errrrr......Merdeka gift????!~

World Cup Finals

This is my first time enjoying World Cup. WoooHooo~
Spain!!~! Watching the match with the crowd is umpteenth times better than watching at home.
This year at 1 Utama, major event attended by 8000 people. IMAGINE~ I wonder if there is actually 8000...maybe only 8000 signed up, get the goodie bags....then cabut....not all will stay until the end,rite? hmmm

The main entrance to the event. Initially, you have to own "ONe Card" in order to get urself in. Later on, it is open to the public.

See the queue on the right? Register yourself as maybank user to get free goodie bags...

The stage....i have no idea who they many stage show....but we didnt stay to watch...had a movie to catch at 11.30pm. Timing is just right...after the movie...can head straight in front of the big screen.

There is this married couple who brought along their daugther...that poor girl was asleep on their lap...and sometimes on mummy....sometimes on daddy.....and guess what?? during the game, the mummy screamed like........i don't know how to describe this...but she is LOUD!~ Holland supporter it seems. She was cheering and boo-ing so loudly, yet her daugther is still asleep. I wonder if they drugged her. :P

Part of the 8000s....

Not many pictures taken...coz i was busy being entertained. LOL. Sad thing... I don't get the vuvuzuela. the crowd was crazy...thinking of it...

i should have gone up to the DJ with the puppy look and say, " Can i have the vuvuzuela for my first world cup event,plssS??" Do you think the DJs will fall for that??? hmmmm

Finally.....this is picture of our champion jersey!~

after the event....after all the cheering ...and the heart attacks...and laughing at Puyol's hair.....LOL....tired. Went McD for breakfast. Long queue in we walked in, ppl was Spain fan... fuiyoh...bangga nya...LOL

Sunday, July 11, 2010

When a non footie fan watches World Cup

July is certainly not treating me good. There are a few silly incidents happened.. and the most embarrasing ones are.....

If i exist in your facebook.. u probably noticed this post i updated on Wednesday after the SPain vs Germany game. Of coz if you were to check again now... it is gone!!....

You most probably will see an update abt how much i hated myself for not knowing my mistakes. Many of them have been wondering what kinda mistakes i have done. Now im telling you....

As you know.. im not a big fan of footie.Be if any famous team... like Man U or Liverpool...i know nuts abt them ( unless they are good looking..hehe)....and i only support teams with lotsa great looking hunks. .

I was trying to be cool and all that by watching all Spain's game. That night is when this horrible thing happened... before saying that, i have to remind you....i am really bad at remembering ppl's name. Especially the footballers....i would usually refer them to their number (just like a prisoner).

My post in fb, " ......Alfonso, you are so mannn.....Ramon, pls get a hair cut"

Heart thumping....

The truth is... i was refering to Alonso and Ramos instead....

Quickly bury my head in ground.

I'm so

I happily posted in up in my FB...getting a few responses from friends...
Oh, Mindy...i know you are the last to comment. I don't mean to delete the whole post off because you said what you commented there. No offense. I was just trying to hide my embarrassments. Arghhhhh~

That's not, everywhere football replay that i see...there is always replay of the spain team. People never failed to tease me, " There there your RAMOS"!!!". They then burst into laughter......ErgHHH.... was like a boiling kettle when they do that. How i wish there is a short circuit somewhere then the tv went blank.

Being the usual me... i talk alot. Since, Ramos caused such an embarrasment ( i know it is not him, but myself to blame. I don't care. I'm a Woman.. i have the rights to blame anyone when someone went wrong. Blame it on my genes or my hormones...or BOTH! )

When "the Ramos" turned around, my world just stopped.....I have to blink my eyes several times to make sure im seeing the right thing...Then, i found out something....

The name printed on his shirt is NOT Ramos....
That person's name is ....PUYOL!!!!


AGAIN!!! OMG....i wish there is a tunnel below ground that i could stay in forever and never to come out again!!!!~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last week... i was in the mood to cook again. Have sudden craving for "tau ew bak" and sambal prawn. Slurpp!~

This is the yummiest "tau ew bak" i have ever tasted. So much like my mama's cooking. I purposely cook it the night before, so that the taste can be infused... i am not sure which way...from the pork to the gravy or from the gravy into the pork....either way... This is soooo delicious!!

OKay...i bought the curry paste. Just add in cucumber and prawns...


The next day, i'm still in the mood for cooking......lazy to do too many preparations....just simply dinner for two.

Fried egg....If you noticed the black particles...this is the results of not washing or rinse the wok before frying egg. tooo lazy....btw, i'm really bad at frying this is done by Seng...

"Kiam chai"....Have sudden craving for this. Don't worry...i'm not pregnant!!! suffice it to say, it’s sour+ salty+ sweet+ spicy and tastes extraordinarily satisfying…Best to be eaten with porridge....but i don't like porridge. Porridge is only for the sick. I'm i eat this with fragrant rice.


I saw this recipe in someone's, this is the replica. I made two flavours- white coffee and nutella chocolate.

pancake flour
1 egg
sugar (more of this)
flavour of your choice

Steam it until cooked

Wanna know how it tasted?? Exactly like the white kuih, normally used as offerings to the God or for cheng beng. So to make it softer?? more milk?? more eggs???