Sunday, March 13, 2011

Me and My GM

 Have been working in TG for a month. In a month, I have been called into the GM's office for 7 times. How great!~ My GM loves asking me questions that i do not know how to answer. Not sure what it is?

Scenario 1:
GM: How are you doing?
Me: Yeah. Good
GM: How good? Why is working in TG good?
Me : errrrr..........
GM : Okay... then why is working in TG bad?
Me : *sweat*

Scenario 2 : 
GM: Why do you think we hire you?
Me : Erm......
GM: Why?
Me : Because willing to contribute?
GM: what can you contribute? Those foreigners can work more and longer hours than you. Why do you we choose you over those foreigners?
Me : *sweat*

Scenario 3 :

On my second week in TG

GM: Okay.. LWL, What are the problems you observed in the factory
Me: I'm only in my early 2nd week here.
GM: Yea... 2nd week can already help us to improve-what@@?!!!
Me : *sweat*