Friday, August 29, 2008


It has been a year since i started my post grad. I have been very excited over finding new things and that is one of the reasons why i am in the research field. i took up this project merely because this is something BIG. Not that big afterall, but it is something that people do not know...nobody has done it before...if i were to find something in it, I will definitely be very proud of findings. Therefore i started off feeling very passionate ..+ curious + determined to carry out my work. Who cares if my supervisor is not helpful? Who cares if my co-supervisor offers no help but sarcasism? I just want to get things done in a year...then i will convert my masters to Phd. I was doing quite well in my first semester. Things begin to change after my proposal presentation. The chemicals needed ran out of stock, things that i wants is out of order,etc. I waited 3 months for the chemicals to arrive.Meanwhile, my supervisor requires me to do unnecessary pineapple plants, mechanical inoculation of the virus,tissue culture,etc. D*mn!! Just when i thought it is the worst thing to happen , hang on, the worst thing happened. My co-supervisor asked me to take a course on SOIL FERTILITY!!~!... What is my pathology work got to do how to design fertilizers?? Fine!! i'll take it....At the end of the semester, i couldnt get any improvements on my results. That F*ckin* co supervisor was d*mn F*ck*p...he just blaaaaaaaaaaaa throughout the whole meeting. Never ending infinite bullets flying all over me. DEMOTIVATED!~~!~! Oh and i would like to add on to this, this Uni has the lousiest system of all. I missed out on my scholarship for 3 months...which is close to RM5000...reasons? because the GSO didnt communicate with my supervisor. SO?? Is that my problem that you guys don't communicate? He understands this and he said he will find a way to get that amount back for me. No choice, i shall wait and pray that he is keeping with his words.

Basically i screwed up my second semester, my supervisor beginning to lose trust on me. Then, this used-to-be-undergraduate-girl came in to do masters under him. I tell you...anyone and everyone can see how BIAS he is...She is in her first semester now and she has got a poster presentation for her final year project (this is fine) PLUS...she represents her supervisor,who is also MY supervisor in an oral presentation of HIS project!!! OUch!~ He has been guiding her all the way ....closely...gently....ME??? He would reject my idea of doing something new saying that i should stay focus at one thing at a time. Then later on complaining that i didnt do enough . That i narrowed down to only one possibility when there are so many possibilities out there. WTH?~!~!? When i asked her for suggestions or advice?? He said i should be independent, " You are no longer an undergrad, u are a master student. You should tell me what u are doing and NOT asking me what to do." Now, who is asking him what to do?? I'm only asking his 'permission' to do it my way. !@#$%^!@#$% He made me feel so unwanted and so useless everywhere...erGh~ Something that he doesn't know, i did all the results for one of his undergrads. So, I am NOT that useless afterall.....

After all i've mentioned above, i'm slowly losing passion and interest in research. Dr. Sree, i thought you said he is a great guy? How come i don't see it?? God, Shall i take the phd offer? Continue researching??

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Babylon" Premier

Last night me and Seng went for movie premier...for the first time...Nazli, my labmate, gave us the tickets. You must be asking why is she not saving the tickets for herself?..Simple! Coz she has conference to attend. Moreover, both tickets are at separated seats. One on the west, the other on the east. Sigh~ We almost missed the movie because my dear Mr Chooi is late again...sigh~ as usual , he is always busy on the day when we have plans...else he will be goyang kaki in the lab. sien~

Back to the topic, the cinema was quite empty.Nobody sitting next to me and i was freezing cold. Why can't they bring up the air con temperature when there are so little people in the cinema? The other thing is that, there are so many people walking around during the show. Those staff checking if anyone is recording the show illegally. Distractions!~..

The movie? It is a science movie. Talking about artificial intelligence planted into a fetus, making the baby a super genius. The 'father' of the baby is a scientist (obviously), so the little AI was carried by his wife (someone who wants to rule the world, i guess). I'm not sure if the wife is real because she looks robotic to me. hahah....After the baby is born, the daddy took her to the convent to protect her from his wife (only God knows why..). His wife got furious, hire an assassin to kill the husband. As a scientist, i do not know how he managed to gather up his piece and pieces with a touch of science and technology...tadaaa!! He is alive again, but he lives on a life supporting machine. So, the movie is all abt vin diesel helping the "mom" to transport the AI baby from the convent in Mongolia (accompanied by sister Rebecca, Michelle Yeoh) to New York. Now, another strange part of the movie is that the AI baby (now a grown up) got pregnant with twins. She grew up in a convent, never had any physical contact with guys, then how on earth can she get pregnant? Headache~ Then then, according to the movie, the second generation of the AI baby is stronger and smarter. So, the AI baby actually died after giving birth to the babies ( a white and a black..????Why must the 1st generation of AI die? ....???)..That's it. The movie ended with Vin Diesel,coming out from a beautiful,peaceful countryside home telling the twins that " Another storm is coming, we must go." Walking hand in hand with the twins....then...THE END

So many question marks....i think i need some AI implanted to understand this movie. SIGh~! oh! i forgotten to say something. Michelle Yeoh died again. Why must all the asian actress die in the end? why cant they live??? Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh died in "The Mummy 3" too,remember? sigh~ Who actually lived?? Perhaps...jacky chan and chow yuen fatt ...sigh!~

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Melbourne in May 09

Thanks to the airasia 1M free seats...i'm going to Melbourne with mom from 6th -14th may 09~ The sad thing is that we will be staying with my nieces. Well, i didnt keep in touch with my nieces since they are kids. I used to sing them lullaby and change their is an interior designer and another is a future proud of them~ They make me feel so small...sob sob..

I cant wait for the matta fair next weekend...i'm going to Bangkok with my pumpky~ Then, Hanoi with Daniel...yeah!~...And this stupid calf (Daniel) said i cannot take the environment in Laos...He specifically say that " You CAN'T survive there"...@#$%@#$%.....why not? yeah...then i can visit gloria

Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally.....she has her studio pic up....
Look how gorgeous and sweet she is....Oh my~ oh ques...why is she so tall??? i wonder did she stand on a stack of books or...a mini stool?? bad...hahah..okay okay...i know im not tall...okay okay...and people~ you know what??!~ i found out this team of photographers at . I must say that they are the professionals who can capture the happiest moment in the wedding. Dear brothers and sisters...if you have anyone in your family or friends who are looking for know where to get them.

cold nights

what would you wish for on a cold night like this? A cup of hot chocolate? or a pair of strong and warm arms wrap around you?

Friday, August 22, 2008


Last night, i had the strangest dream...well, happiest too. I've been complaining abt my convo falls on a wednesday...and how ppl just cant make it up north in the middle of the week.....There, in the corner of my little heart, i wish that 'they' can make it there for me. :) Funny thing is, they are scattered everywhere...KL, Penang, S'pore.. How can they make it? It is impossible!! To arrange a little reunion is as tough as me climbing up Everest. So, i kept it to myself...

God must have heard my whisper...He gave me the sweetest dream last night....He sent me warmth on a cold and chilly night -My Dream Convo. The three of them, gave a surprise appearance on that day. My expression?? hahaha....i was going "OMG! OMG! "...speechless... I don't know what else to say. It is so real that i can still recall how tightly i hugged them. That feeling...~ Those secondary school's memories...Ouch!~..I just don't understand why, everytime i recall those special moments, my hair stands....No, i didnt attend any of their convo...I wish i could but they are at overseas.Sigh~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


After the reunion, Jeff and I have so much to chat on msn. We started to discuss our next reunion destination. So much to many excitements...Suddenly, last night he said something really sweet to me....let me paste the exact thing he said..

"hei i wana tell something to u..."
"yes yes...what issit?"
"not sure its pretty or cute......... but u look nice & sweet....."
"eh? wat kinda prank is this?"
"hrm just wat i thought....feel i let u know so i tell u lor....i did wrong?" sweet...i know this guy for almost 5 years now...he never praised me fact he is kinda fed up with me coz im always absent in his plans and never serious when he short, i always pissed him what?? he is such an uncle....This guy loves the museums....and i think museums are boring...many many crashing ideas....
However, he reminded me that i was the first girl who talked to him back in Uni. Although that doesnt ring a bell to me now because i seldom approach guys,but since he said it...i think i did. Was very friendly at that time. hehehe...yea yea..self-praise is no praise...okay.. i got it!
I hope this is a beautiful start for a beautiful friendship between me and this my-bro-look-alike-friend. Not only look-alike..they share the same name -Jeffrey....just that the spelling is slightly different. Jeffrey and Jefferey...or..issit so??? hmmpphh....Confused..~ anyway....Ya!..Nice to meet you again, Jeff~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Will anyone be attending my convo??

My convo will be on 15th oct 2008....this is all i know...i hope they will not postpone the date is a wednesday...samy velly must be too free nowadays...that he needs to fill up his weekdays with activities....and of all days....middle of the weekdays...baka..~!...
I was cursing the moment they confirmed the date.... who would be able to make it to my convo in the middle of the week..?~!?~?!?.....Guess it is gonna be a lonely....quiet....convocation..sigh!~...So far, there is only one person who confirmed in attending my convo...he is ....daniel ong..!~..sigh

Mini AIMST reunion @ Sunway Pyramid

Present : Wuen yew, Jeff, Prakash, Kalai, Seng, Joie, Sharon, Juli, Rajie......where are the rest???
Absent : Nemo (busy), Chongheng (no bus ticket), caren (broke), Pt (went camping), Kien shen (he said will be there later,but...)The girls? (no idea)

Had our lunch at Wendy's restaurant. Similar to McD...Recommended burger -Shrimp burger
Jeff brought his Olympus camera and his tripod. haha. We had our photography session in Wendy's. Everyone is looking as though we are trying on some serious photo shots...memalukan.
I just got to know something new..something shocking...MONICA DANIEL is engaged!!...OMG!!...Monica is my ex hostel mate. She met Johnson (her fiance) back in std 6, the love story started in her final year in uni. Now they are taking another step in life...guess i will be adding her photo in my "married faces" ... :)

After lunch, we had our photograph sessions everywhere, as though we were tourist for a day. kambing masuk kampung...even the grand piano has become our target....haha..funny...
The sad thing of the day, juli said i look older than before...OMG..!! I'm!~

We didn't miss a chance to snap some pictures even in the cinema....we actually wanted to watch 'Dont mess with zohan' were sold show was a little too late...

Do we look alike??? Somehow there is some similiarities,right? Wall-E....they claimed that it is the cute thing.....erm.... i don't find it cute wor....which part of it is cute?? That hush puppies eyes? I think that girl on its right arm is cuter.....way cuter...hahha

Now, the final the bowling alley...hahah...class picture-like posing..My gosh!! me so gemuk....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday night

TGIF- Thank God it's Friday....This phrase is totally out for my Fri the 15th . I always have my weekends planned out but today...everything went haywire. It is sooooo OUT of the PLAN. This is not the Friday that i will want to have.Firstly, i was expecting dinner at Jimmy's residence, then help out in church for the camp this Sunday. A fruitful Friday turned out to be a miserable night.

I sms-ed peow teik informed him that i'm leaving home and was on my way to his place. When we arrived at his place, nobody was at home. We called and he said they are still in Midvalley. I was so hungry, expecting food upon their arrival. After 35 minutes, jimmy dropped peow teik off at home and he drove to church to pick up his mom. We waited for another 30-45 minutes for them to come back,expecting dinner to start when everyone is home. Finally, aunty (Jimmy's mom) is back. Overjoyed...i was experiencing a mild gastric. I thought she would bring out the dishes...preparing to feast on, but, she didn't. Instead she asked me where Jimmy is? Without knowing what is going on, i acted stupid. Then, she complained on the rice she cooked, but Jimmy canceled the dinner at the very last minute. First thing that slipped through my mind was, "WTH??~!>~!? The dinner is canceled without us knowing it????", anyhow, i still have to fake a smile nodding to the things she said. Nevermind. We WILL have our dinner when Jimmy is back and i'm sure it wont be too long. I waited until 12am when Jimmy finally is home. He came up with a towel wrapped around him...then the next minute he appeared in his pyjamas saying 'Hie and goodnight'.. @#$%^#@#$%!@#$%@#$......Ended up, we had our dinner at around 1am. See how important communication can be!!...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thumbs down for Red box

Red box is certain not the one for me anymore. Upon registering for the member card, i was told that every Monday is a member day. therefore, we are entitled to 20% discount. As you can see in my blog, we went there a couple of times for the karaoke session. Something strange happened last night when i recruited 3 more friends to join me for the karaoke session. Lured them by saying 'You are paying only RM23 for 6 hours karaoke + buffet dinner. Isn't it worth every penny?"....

They were pretty convinced so they decided to give it a blow. The sad thing abt this that Seng couldnt join us because his supervisor gave him last minute notice for a sampling trip to Penang. The positive side of this scenario is that , Seng escaped from the worst to come. I feel bad for Nemo because i attempt to bluff him...saying that there will be many MMU and Lim Kok Wing girls there. Noted! I didnt say they are my friends and we are in the same room. So, not really my fault. By the way, this idea was given by Mr. Tan Peow i'm kind of innocent here. hehe.

After all said and done, we sang...screamed.....replenished the liquid in time to release.... i walked past this group of uncles surrounding a waiter complaining about their services. I paid no attention to their conversation thinking it might be just another 'uncles' complain'. The poor waiter just stood there...nodding his head...haha. Well, then the bill comes. Mr . Tan took on the bill then later refer to me saying that they didnt minus the 20% off the bill. Thinking it is just another mistake done, we went to the supervisor. She said the promotion period for 20% is over. What do you mean by it is over?? Is that a promotion and NOT a privillege? She immediately changed the topic to introducing the new promotion which is picking the right key to open up the right box. #$%^&*(*&^%$#..what a stupid promotion!! Then, to calm the situation, i picked up a key to open the box. Obvious....of course cant open lar...!!...Then, to shut our mouth off,she kindly hand over a little souveniour to me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Married faces

This girl is my junior...two years my junior...she got married last 2 months...and i love her wedding pics......sigh....a little sia sui...ppl so young got married so old...still like this....sigh......

Fatimah fairus....err i hope i got the spelling correctly...she got married this year too...this year must be a good year to tie the knot....
Doreena convent batchmate...engaged to Vincent.....apparently she is in australia with nice..~

Monica former hostel engaged to Johnson....her childhood friend....and also her bro's best friend....knew each other since std 6....went on a date during her final year in uni, which is abt 3 years ago...


The happiest moment in one's on your wedding day. I'm so glad that most of my friends has found their perfect other half....Here's the compilation of their happy moments...

This couple who will be getting married in Dec 08 is now in Dubai. She followed her fiance (working there) there. i read in her blog on her lovey dovey story. She is the one who made me think that distance is certainly NOT a problem in maintaining a relationship. Choi Hsia is my F6 classmate...both of them were the ass. school prefect. We used to have a small talk on handsome guys in HSBM that time and i mentioned Chee Wai's name. haha guess what she said..she told me this guy may look strong and tough BUT....he is indecisive. Always stick to me asking me what to do next. She did mention that in her blog too. haha...see you shouldnt complain too much on guys,else he will turn out to be your Hubby...someone whom you love for life. Choi Hsia, you will definitely NOT be the one selling char keow fact, u will be the most 'hang fok' tai tai showered with char keow tiao everyday...hahah

This is Mattie Wong and Uncle....She is my uni coursemate. The mother of Bebe (shih tzu) and Eva (golden retriever). I was kind of expected that they will be the first among us to tie the knot. wink wink. Now, this 'hang fok siu lui yan' has a baby boy -Desmund

Ms Jessie Chang, my tai ka married overseas. She went there to study, settle down to work and now...settle down in a family. She is jovial and outgoing. If i'm not mistaken, both of them has been together for quite some time (since secondary school?). So blessed~

Ms Ong Chia Ming....a lovely,quiet little girl one of my uni coursemates as well. The second the tie the knot. Anyway...this is during the registration of marriage. Her wedding will be on 14th September 2008. She is inviting the whole class there,although half of the class can't make it (Gurun is too far..). I've never met his fiance before but i heard that both of them share the same personalities. Both of them are quiet and thin.

Lee ai Ping, she used to be my ex secondary schoolmate. erm...used to be my classmate too. Top student with excellent complexion. i would alwiz think that she is the best candidate for playing Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.hahaha...Most of the cbmers went for her wedding...i almost can make it, but there is no bus ticket left for me. Missed out her wedding, however, i made it to the post wedding celebration at autocity. A little mini reunion for us.....Amen! Now, she is 5 month pregnant with a baby girl.I bet this baby girl will be as sweet as her mummy. :)

Kalai Madhi....this is also my batchmate in cbm. i remember her as the sweet girl who alwiz smile to whoever she bumps into...soft spoken....shy.I was invited for her wedding BUT..couldnt make it again. Her wedding was held in India...the reception is in Penang. I would say that they are the cutest couple ever....young and lovely...

Ms. Yap Yee Rean...she is my tuition mate. My best chinese tuition mate ever. Those days she would drop off at my house to wake me up for tuition then after tuition we will go to the nearest field to....kap chai..hahahha....pst! Khai Juang and gang will normally be playing football chance lar.hehe. She is the first chinese batchmate among us to get married!!...Although her wedding announcement was after Sherny. Shern, slow lar you...i know my dress was a little crappy that night because that dress is NOT mine...borrowed it from my friend. I was in SP...during my finals...I dont have the time to travel back to pg to get a dress. well, okay lar....not my wedding anyway...Oh! Jiunmin just got her new curls that day. Pretty girl looks good in almost everything...even if it is bald...still pretty....
Damian boy, her little bundle of joy resembles both his mummy and adorable.

Ah!!...This one...the second among us to get married (after yee rean). I almost cried when i see this beautiful lady that night. She is my best friend...My best friend leaving singlehood. The girl who got disgusted when we discussed abt getting married back in school time. See..someone with tanned skin and small eyes is sexy! i told you so. She is the one who came asking for advices for wedding gown..hairdos..etc before her wedding. The only person that makes me feel anticipated in her wedding. I dont know why..but i was touched when i see her walking down the aisle. Hey!! I though i'm the maid of honour for your promised that during school time. Cheating~....