Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big Tree Yong Tou Foo - "dai shu kiok"

Ipoh friends has been talking about this famous stall in Ipoh. This trip, I will not miss out on this. They also have this new branch in Klang, but the price there is way more expensive. Must be the rental. Everything in Setia Alam is expensive. I have a colleague who went to this new branch for lunch. According to him, he took 3 pieces of fried stuff and noodle. That meal cost him RM7.

This is the portion that we took. About 6-7 piece + noodle.  Each piece cost RM0.80.  Do not think I wallop everything on the table. The food is meant for 2 person. My review on the food?

The laksa noodle is nice, but the soup is not as good as the laksa in Penang ( of course..nothing compares to Penang Laksa wert). Fried stuffs....not bad...well, to me , all fried stuffs are the same. But they do have generous filling...adequate, should be the right word. They said if you have not tried this, you have not been to Ipoh!! 

I would recommend this the next time you are here.....

Red bean blended. Good for two. Cost RM4.50, good for hot weather like this. Ipoh has been raining almost everyday, especially in the evening. I have been drying my clothes for 2 days...*eyes rolled*

I also noticed this - Fried Durian  *woots*

I am sorry, I ate half of it already. The taste...not so strong. I still prefer the durian puffs in Melaka. Each piece cost RM 2.80.

As we were eating there, I was wondering.... where have all the leng chai and leng lui gone to? I thought Ipoh is best 'Sight Seeing' place? no?