Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A last minute trip to Batu Caves have to be postponed due to heavy downpour. We do not want to have a fruitless day, hence we headed to Genting Highland. Had our dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant.

Ambient: 2.5 star
Food : 4 star
Service : 2 star
Cost : 2.5 star

The food.....

Vermicelli noodle with sugarcane chicken + spring roll

Flaming coconut seafood ( i kinda forgotten what is the exact name)
It is not flaming hot and it is the flame on the plate surrounding the coconut.

Yup! My new haircut...No! It is NOT is supposed to be sexy, but turned out to be this...very disappointed...sigh..guess i have to quit snapping photo for months..

Then we walked around the indoor.....found something funny...and we put it on....

Yit Seng looks so much like Dr QC Choo...look at the sleepy eyes and the face..haha...

OKay... i cant breathe in this ...the photographer is taking forever to hit the shutter button...i was trying to convey the msg "Look! if you are not hitting the button yet...i'm going to die." haha

Hahaha.....he looks so funny in this wig...he looks a little like " Mat tai" a Hongkong Comedy show long long time ago. Eh..He looks a little like yitheng in this angle. hahah

Actually the wig is not funny on me. I wonder i have to pose like Phua Chu bring out the speciality of the wig...