Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is our karaoke session on Tuesday night. Nothing much to say other than....we had a terrific time.....

On that same day, Kean Yeng called....3 times. Ridiculous~ He must be thinking that he is some big shot or something.... This Mr. Romeo is someone I MUST stay out....Just a piece of mind, I am not that kind of girl who will fall head over heels for your lovey-dovey sweet talks. I will never repeat my mistake twice, will never waste my time on someone not worth waiting for, move on ...hunting for your Ms. Juliet, Peter Ooi!!! IsHHHhhhhh!!!~~....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonderful people

I had one of the best home-cooked food last night at Jimmy's residence. His mum is such a blessing. She cooked all our favourite food.....

She shared her testimonial with us on how she accepted Christ and the things that has changed her life and her husband's. I can't wait to attend their church ,though. She makes me feel welcomed and warm in the family of God. One thing...she has that high-pitched voice found in my mom and my godma.....i had a sudden acute of migraine....hahaa...guess what...she can talk like a bullet train....non-stop. hahaha...that is a gift of gap ,though...a capability...

Nonetheless, Caren Wong is almost one of the reasons for the fascinating dinner. This lovely lady is having a 3 days seminar here in KL. The nicest girl i've ever met after Ms. Ho YY...haha...guys out there, she is still single and available.She is very determined and hsemate ever.. okay...enough of the that...

Peow teik seems to be giving up hope in his masters project....Let's pray that God will show him a way .... so he wont end up being as miserable as i am ..haha..We are thankful to have each other around...really. I hope that one day, yitseng will open up his be touched by the love of my heavenly be part of our family in Christ. I have a strong feeling that...he will ..

Lastly, we planned to go for karaoke session, do expect some karaoke blog/photo coming up....

Thursday, June 19, 2008


She thinks about the one-who-got-away. And what she could've done to make him stay. She wonders whether it was the right thing to do---to keep distance, to accept that he isn't right for her. He makes her laugh and treats her with respect, she thinks that they hit it off just great. But society dictates it isn't right, to take what isn't yours. She decides she'd find someone as funny as him, as spontaneous as him, as adorable as him. She heaves a sigh, closes her eyes, and says her mind. Maybe not right to say it out loud.

I wonder if she misses him or thinks about him a lot. I wonder if she thinks of the what-ifs and if she'd been more daring and less considerate. Would things have been different? I admire her, though, for her integrity and her self-control. I wish I could tell her she'd meet someone better. But I simply couldn't. Because I really do not know.

She seems perfectly fine. Everything's going great for her. They think her life is dandy. She flashes her charming hide a thousand of sorrows.

I wonder how she feels. Really. How she feels without pretension, without the walls.
She goes out to breathe new air. She's even seeing someone new. The guy looks great, gets along just fine, he seems to think that she's just perfect. That she has everything figured out. The look in his eyes say it all: he's falling for her.

I wonder if she feels the same way. If she'll ever fall for him. She seems very perceptive. But possibly there's something more than her outer silence. A battle of heart and mind, perhaps? I wonder if she'll ever let go of her pride...and herself.

She's got her plans, her BIG plans. She's on her way to success.

I wonder if that's what she really wants or even more if it's enough.
I often wonder what she's thinking when she finds herself alone. Sittingly quietly sipping hot chocolate. I wonder if beneath her facade, she feels the way we feel, laughs the way we laugh, loves the way we love.
With the look on her face, I wonder what she's thinking. I wonder if she bears my name

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Green Box

Went for karaoke session last Mon with Seng. Invited Peow teik along, but he had self-claimed 'jet lag". Arrived at 6.30 pm ,sang until 10.30pm...not worth it. Should go for the 7.30pm - 11.30pm / 2am. They wouldnt shoo you out if there is no customer using your room. See!!..

I love the buffet dinner. The food is nice especially the cold dish.

I just can't say no to these food. All i can say is... i shall delay my diet routine.

Both of us take turns to sing continuously for almost 4 hours. i almost lose my voice.Imagine i can sing exactly like Candy Lo. However, i gained it back in Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry". YESH!!! 4 hours is really not enough....i need more hours to sing...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally... i bathed him

I have never washed my car ever since i came to kl....*counting fingers* ...almost a year and a half....*giggles* Okay...not that bad. i did send my car to 'car wash' for....erm....*scratching head*....3 times??...or so....hahaha.... You know i'll always have my reasons for everything....
Top 5 excuses for not washing car
1. I dont find it dirty
2. Too busy
3. Long queue
4. I'll get it done this weekend
5. It's going to rain soon

However,....last Tuesday afternoon (close to early evening), i finally found a stronger determination to overcome the excuses mentioned above. Actually two stronger reasons....they are ; I have two more friends to yak with while i get my car done ; and Wash+ Vacuum+ Polish = RM38 ONLY !!! eh.. suddenly though of the third reason, which is ...lazy to go back to the lab (<---this will be the strongest supportive reason..ngek ngek)

I would say, they have the best service ever because they really scrubbed and rubbed over and over again to polish my car's body and tyres. I will definitely go back to that place for my next car wash. Anybody wants to come with me??

Look at my car now!!! Clean and Shiny !!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Seremban Hot Spring!

Last Saturday i went to Seremban Hot Spring!!... Yeah! It might not be as fun as Sunway Lagoon..but still it's au natura waterpark!! Dont expect crystal clean water...there ought to be some "floating materials". It is not as bad as 'they' said, though. Lotsa "wantan" here and there. i wore my bikini there but have to wear it under a shirt and pants....

We rented a twin float. Took the slide down...and we almost went upside dangerous...the heavy one should be sitting at the back...BUT due to the timid lighter one refused to do no choice...Thank accidents occurred. The hot spring pond is extremely hot. I can't even put my foot in, dont understand how can some of them went down into the pond. Maybe they have more fats to absorb the heat or they lack of receptors. haha...

After the waterpark, we went to Malacca for the "beef kut teh" again. Seng ate 5 bowls of rice..worn out at the end of the day.....