Monday, December 27, 2010

WMD 260

If u ever meet this red kenari on the road, stay away. He is a road bully.

I was in 1 Utama last Sunday, as expected the carpark is full, we went round and round but still cannot find a single parking space. So, we decided to wait at one land. This #$%#$% car, went past us, just to notice there is someone walking out from the autopay, he stopped his car. This couple from the autopay parked his car right in front of ours.  Question 1 : Who do u think should be taking that space? Me or that $%^&$%^ WMD 260??

I'm sure you would say Me, right? Hell ...Bless this car. As soon as he saw that couple's car, he reversed his to the side of ours. Waited for the car to come out, then he happily went in. I wanted to get off the car so much to reason with him....IF ONLY it is NOT christmas day...a day of forgiving....I WOULD!!

But still....forgiving doesn't mean forgeting rite? So here i am posting a picture of this car with its owner. BLESS YOU!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Gift from National Blood Bank

 I see many ppl receiving Christmas gifts on Christmas, but where is mine? It is a little special this year as i got a gift from this well known body. I got a letter from the National Blood Bank. Initially i thought it must be a thank you note for donating blood last month. However, the content of the letter left me kinda disturbed.

Below will be a summarized content in the letter,

"Thanking me for the blood donation on 14/11/10. Asking me to meet their medical officer immediately or as soon as possible at Pusat Darah Negara, Tues/Wed/Thurs, 8am- 11am. Bring along this letter and my blood donation book.I am reminded not to donate blood anywhere as long as i have not meet them."

Many thoughts...too many thoughts...but you know?? If you live your life with no regrets...come what may. I am accepting  it with positivism. If you are worried for me, pls don't. Take this as a reminder to treat the one you love  better.

Cheers!~  Happy Boxing Day  :D

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Dear Boys & Girls...


Monday, December 6, 2010

Non-C Speaker

The sudden joy and disappointments you get when talking to a non-Cantonese speaker.

"Cannot liao...we must go Foh Sun."
Knowing that i love dim sum......i quickly said, " Foh sun? In Ipoh for dim sum?"
Still smiling

With a frown and a little confused, he said, "Dim sum? No lar... i want to find wong fei hung."

"Honey, that is Fat Sun la!!"
"Oh ya ya ya..."...smiling away...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....meaning NO dim sum in Ipoh

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hate my table

Let me explain how much i hate my workstation. I hated it the first day i sat on it. I hate the fact that i need to carry my laptop around everywhere.

When these two combine, it becomes.... i hate it so so much when I'm using my laptop in my workstation~

You want to know why???

Can you see how strategic my place is?? Whoever enters the room can see what's on my screen....whoever walking to the pantry and washroom (washroom near pantry) can also see what's on my screen. I have no privacy AT ALL!!!!  HATE!!!!

If you suggest that i sit facing the wall...the boss and other colleagues will be able to see what is on my screen. ARGHHHhhhhh~

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am just tired............

Monday, November 15, 2010

The beginning of first day

Nothing unsual, everything is extremely quiet. I carry no wish....

Will the rest of the days be like today?

Can i find happiness in these quiet days?

Will the happiness means being away from you?

I just dont feel like anyone..

Maybe i should practice how to fake a smile tonight...and pretend that nothing changes

....except in the absence of you

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bags on sale

Whenever you don't have much money left to spend, there is always "SALES".

All i can do now is to stare at the bags....and drools...and salivating...and to control not only my mind and emotions...but also my fingers... so that, i don't click on to the seller's email...and do something stupid~ hard to resist...gggrrrrr......

Why am i a woman?!~

Attempt to reason;

I have enough bags for myself, I don't need a new one ( but i can sell of the old ones..)

Soon there will be a newer and better looking bag, so when will the buying stops? ( I can still sell off the current ones to get the new one...)

 Consider other necessities before bags, eg. food , you are not going to munch on bread or biscuits everyday ( since i am fat, it  is also a form of diet)

Conclusion:  Reasoning fail.......

Next attempt :-    MEDITATION.......ooommmmmm........

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Cookie Cat @ Subang

Like any normal weekends,we both were contemplating what to have for lunch. Kuchai lama?? SS2?? Then i remember seeing The Cookie Cat in the web. Since both of us have never tried it before, we decided to pay the 'cat' a visit. We followed the blog's direction to get there. The direction given is cool...we finally got to the car park and at the guard house, but we couldn't find the shop. We were walking up and down the street, still no sign of CookieCat. The thing is...the CookieCat is hiding inside the building.You have to walk right into the building and you will see CookieCat on the right.

 I love the deco in the shop. simple+ sweet.

They only have two types of set lunch for the day. We opt for one each.

He has Roasted chicken + upgrade from cookie to cupcakes + drinks

This set comes with rice. I love the chicken. D said the cupcake is a little too sweet. I think it is okay....

I have Spaghetti Bolognese

 The spag is just normal....But i like the garlic toast, though. The cookie...hmmm...i prefer more buttery taste and crispier. Although it is hot, but the cookie seems to be a little soggy.

 We take away 3 cupcakes and the total bill comes to abt RM40++. Wow~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Going down slope

 Blood pressure for woman
 Age - 25-29, Normal blood pressure= 121/80

My measurement today.....58/92....

10 120 Dangerously High Blood Pressure
160 100 Too High Blood Pressure
140 90 Borderline High Blood Pressure
130 85 High/Normal Blood Pressure
120 80 Normal Blood Pressure
110 75 Low/Normal Blood Pressure
90 60 Borderline Low Blood Pressure
60 40 Too Low Blood Pressure
50 33 Dangerously Low Blood Pressure

Great!!!! I hope i don't faint in KLCC later......

Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling old

Tiring whole body is aching....every night when i stepped into the hotel room...especially the bed....i just want to melt and sipped into the soft and cold bed. The earliest time i got to bed is 7pm +++....latest?...9++...
Too much walking...must be age catching up

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fish Ball

After the Steroid session....i lost a little weight, but i'm still looking fat. I couldn't locate my waistline anymore. This is so devastating~ My appetite has gone back to normal ( as in like before), but i don't seem to lose weight. What is wrong? The other day i was watching "The Biggest Loser", in average, each contestant lost 6kg in just a week. I wish i can shed 6kg off in a month..... sob sob

with my horrendous hairstyle now....I look like a mum with 3 kids. Man~ How to snap beautiful photos in Bandung?? oh!!!...hehe....I'm heading off to Bandung in 2 days time~...tee hee hee~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boyish Cut

Looking at pictures taken during Glo's wedding, i almost died. My hair was a total turn off. It is too shape at all...and i look bloated. I think my cheeks grew.....i'm looking like a chipmunk now. Sad

So i went for trimming....initially that is the plan....but......

Are you sure only want to trim and make it one length? 
You have so much hair, i don't think that style suits you.

Erm, so would you recommend?

Have you tried bob-style? It really does suit your face. It is no longer the olden bob-style.The new bob-style is something different that you should try.

How short will that be?

Don't worry, it wont be too short. The front will be at chin length, but the back is short...coz it is a bob

He explained more than 15 minutes, flipping all the magazine trying to show me what issit like. He looks confident that the hairstyle will turn out right for me.

Since he is confident,....I shouldn't be harm giving it a try. It wont be too short, just chin length....It will still be good with cheongsam for godma's birthday next month.  Moreover, short hair makes me younger,right?

2 hours later..........

I almost cried........
My hair is super super short... if you think my character and my face are not tomboy enough, i top it off with my hair!!!! MAn,...i cannot imagine a boy-head with boobs in cheongsam. I'm going to freak everyone out. My mom WILL definitely KILL me. My face....he said this style is supposed to hug on my face, making it slimmer.....BUT, I look like a fishball now. I am so HANDSOME that i wanna DIE~

If you are expecting photos to be uploaded........just stop there....coz i WON'T!!!  Gosh!!!~  I just remember that we are going Bandung this month end. Great!~ and we purposely get a tripod just in case there is no one around to help us. *faint*

Shall i wear i wig?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Penang Bridge on Fire

Of all days....why 11th Sept 2010?? This is Gloria's wedding day....and my first time attending garden wedding. Erghhh....

It is abt 11am, i got a call from a friend saying that the bridge is on fire. I was cooking for my dad and i was late. After cleaning everything.. it is almost 2.20pm.  It is not easy to cook,k? Therefore i deserve a 2.45....i went for a shower and prepare myself for the wedding...... almost 3pm.... My friend  said massive jam on the bridge and we should take the ferry. 

"But ferry is slow...." . My friend assured me that it will definitely be faster than the bridge. Alright. Off we go ....stucked in the 5pm...still stucked...we were not even at the terminal yet. Gosh!~ 

*Waving to the Garden Wedding*......the Garden Wedding is 5.30pm. sigh

I started punching my phone, asking at what time will the dinner start. Shern called me,asking where am i ?....i told her im still stucked on my way to the ferry. She said she took the bridge and she is already at batu ferringhi. WHAT?????? She repeated, Karen picked her up around 3ish..was on the bridge at almost 4pm and now they are in Batu Ferringhi.  

*knock knock on my head*

GOsh~ We should be taking the bridge instead.

Lesson learned : Dare to take risk and follow your heart.

Guess what time we arrived at the wedding dinner??..

8++pm!! We were caught in the jam for almost 5 hours.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steroid Fears

 I was happily gulping my acne treatment pills for the past one month....until something went wrong;

  • My appetite has gone BIG...i'm hungry most of the time.
  • My backbone starts aching even im on flats and my knee cap is killing me.
  • My face isnt improving
  • My boobs forgotten to blot before menses. This is an important sign as i know when i should be ready.
  • I gained like nobody's business. I look like a HULK in my old t-shirts. The buttons on my pants almost flew off...
  • I'm not the sweaty kinda person. I hardly sweat...But...i was sweating profusely...most of the time..
This is when i decided to google the medicine i have been prescribed.

The morning pill (
Increased appetite leading to significant weight gain
Psychiatric disturbances, including personality changes, irritability, euphoria, mania
Osteoporosis under long term treatment, pathologic fractures (e.g., hip)
Muscle atrophy, negative protein balance (catabolism)
Dependence with withdrawal syndrome is frequently seen
Dermatologic: Acne (??????? I thought supposed to treat acne?????), allergic dermatitis, dry scaly skin, ecchymoses and petechiae, erythema, impaired wound-healing, increased sweating, rash, striae, suppression of reactions to skin tests, thin fragile skin, thinning scalp hair, urticaria.

Acnotin (

  • Infrequent: mild acne flare, raised blood glucose level, decreased libido/erectile dysfunction, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, fatigue.

The other one taken morning and night (

gastrointestinal upset. Allergies to sulfa-based medications typically cause skin rashes, hives, or trouble breathing or swallowing and warrant immediate discontinuation of the medication and contact with doctor immediately.

 Guess what's my waist measurement??....30 inches!!!! Holy crap!!! I MUST stop this expensive and self destructive medication!! NOW!!....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hannah & Asher

Yesterday i went over to Shern's house for a visit. I feel pretty bad for not attending her full moon party as she is one of my best girls.

Asher is so big now...his cheeks are like gold fish... soooo cute!~...He looks exactly like Marcus.
Hannah...girl will always be a girl...very naughty. Lotsa temper...blame it on the hormones or the genes (just like her mom..opss..!!).

I had so much fun babysitting them...and i'm good....must be the experiences gained while taking care of my nieces more than 15 years ago.* Pat pat on my own back*....Ahemm....  Shern joked that maybe she should hire me. Hmmm it is ExPensIve to hire me as a nanny-u know???

These babies...they are so cute and innocent, that you sometimes wonder, what's in their mind?what are they thinking?

Hannah & Asher would be mesmerized whenever i carry them, especially Hannah girl. She would stare...and stare ....and stare....without moving...hardly blinking......That Scares me!!! I keep asking their mummy if this is normal. I mean, is this their hobby....just staring at people's face...without moving?  Seriously, it is Spooky!~

At one point of time, I thought .....*fingers crossed...toes too...*.....she's dead with her eyes open...........(ssssHHhsssHH....don't their her mummy)....Once I confirmed that she is still breathing.....her mommy quickly grab her handphone camera, then start snapping away....she claimed that this is a rare sight. LOL. There she goes, having lotsa pictures of Hannah and my boobs. She's still tiny and fragile, so i have to carry her close to me...there is where my boobs get into the picture. COvered...they are covered.of course i'm with my clothes on, please...

Another scary incident will be....Asher forgets to wake up
Both babies will normally sleep after taking milk,then wakes up after 1-2 hours (max) for milk. On that particular day, I fed Asher milk (from the milk bottle...not the other source) then tapped him to sleep. Mommy was very greatful that day because he slept quite soundly, so there was only Hannah left to handle.After 2 hours, mommy prepared milk...waiting for Asher to be cranky and start yelling for milk....but he didnt. After 4 hours, he was still sleeping. Mommy said he should be hungry by then, so she gently woke him up then went over to the kitchen to heat up and bring the milk......there...he is back to sleep. Mommy started to question me ," LWL, what did you feed my son? Did u drug him?"

We had fun laughing at Hannah's hypnotized look and Asher-being-drugged- incident. I had a wonderful time catching up with my buddy and hopefully i was being helpful there.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Peow Yong' Bday

Me and Seng joined the Tan Family  in celebration of PYong's bday.

Venue : Sushi Zanmai, Sunway

Joshua, the Penang Banana Lang (Can't speak fluent Hokkien), whom try to convince me he is from Penang by speaking Hokkien word by word....I was trying not to laugh at his slang.....then, he popped me this question - Do You not understand Hokkien??  



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recollecting my Broken Heart

Remember i told u abt that f6 senior...who wants to keep in touch with me...??
3 weeks ago....he called to ask for X's number... they know each other back then in school. they were in the same committee for a society. ( X is a girl)
so i sms X to ask her if it is ok for me to give him. She didnt reply. that guy....sounded like there is something urgent.... within 30 min.. he sms me twice...and called once...asking me to send him her number...coz he wants to call her b4 11pm that day. I asked him why the hurry?.....he said.. just to keep in touch. I thought maybe he doesnt want to tell a 'stranger'  what is the actual reason...btw...who am i to ques him rite? since so urgent... so i gave him lo

That night... X sms me... saying something like this .."" zzzzz u already given him my number."

ok..that is done....

tonite....i got an sms from X. saying

" anyway, weiling, im very disappointed of what you have done but Thanks for reminding me what kind of friend you are to me."

i replied, " what have i done?"

she said, "you gave someone, my number, who you pestered you and also whom u claimed to be weird without my consent"

i said, " S lo. i told u already wor. he said want to keep in touch and need it urgently dat day. if giving ur number to ur old fren is hurting u, im truly sorry." (S is that senior guy)

"actually i felt upset of the way u handle it, as u knew that he is weird but yet you gave him my number just to stop him calling u . i would really appreciate, that u get my approval before giving it, or give me their number instead.

"i feel weird coz we've nv spoken to each other b4. i nv tot that he'l stop calling me after getting ur number. if he is bothering u, let him know"

....then no more sms......

I'm terribly sad after the first sms. after long consideration..i was driving at that wrong coz i gave him her number before she said  yes....although he sounded macam emergency. maybe that S is calling her everyday to disturb...dats why she is i sms S,

" hey do u mind doing me a favor? would u not call X so often? she's not comfortable with that. hope u understand."

That S.. i think he also suddenly got shocked or what....he replied in 4 sms

" hi, i called her the day u gave me her num. then on wed, i msg her, she dint reply. then fri , i call her, she din answer. but she msg me and said not to call her."

" i replied her n said im sori 4 making her feel uncomfortable. i told her i just ott of kiping in touch. i told her i will stop msging and calling her. tht was last week.

"from last week til now, i never msg or call her n i dont intend 2 anymore. also thats why i stop calling and msging u coz u 2 mite  not lilke it. until u say its ok"

" until u say its ok 2 call n msg u. then only  i'l call n msg u . if u also dun feel comfortable, then i will never call n msg u anymore. im sory 4 troubling u "

so, since she only picked up his call once.....WHAT IS THE BIG FUSS abt????? my mistake is giving him her number ..NEED TO BE SO SERIOUS MEH???

Certain phares really break my heart are....

"Thanks for reminding me what kind of friend you are to me."


"u knew that he is weird but yet you gave him my number just to stop him calling u"

What she doesnt know is that im very lonely over here in KL.I will be delighted if someone were to call me everyday just for a chat. At least, i know i have a friend who cares (whether or not that is the truth).I don't mind him pestering me at all.

X used to be my best friend...I didnt know my impression for her is worse than a friend. If someone did something intentionally like abv, that person is not your friend anymore. I'm just so sad and disappointed ( yes, i am also disappointed at her) that i fail as an individual, leaving all the wrong impressions...and fail to be even  her friend. 

Is this also a reason why I can't mixed well with D's friends too?Am i really a failure?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spanish Buffet @ Neo Damansara

Puasa month will be a month for buffet. Just found out an outlet at Neo Damansara serving spanish buffet. You might want to try it out. They are having opening promotion, where you enjoy 50% discount. It's only about RM30 per person.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thai SeaFood @ Ulu Langat

I have been having cravings for Thai Food last weekend.
It is time to pay this place a visit. Operated by Siamese.

The man-made lake is surrounded by the restaurant. Here you will have fresh fish from the pond.

First booth...thai dessert....yay!~ Mango sticky rice!~ RM8 per bowl

The BBQ corner. Look at the size of the crab.

Their raw market...

While waiting for the food to arrive..... saw them netting fish...

Fresh Japanese snails...

The moment i saw this .. i was like... Gosh....must be a lot of nyamuk. Surprising there wasnt any. We were there until 8++


TOdy (RM5)
yes, they serve home brewed tody. Nice~ Nicest toddy sour alcohol smell....sweet like coconut

Seafood tomyam (RM18)
The taste should be better if more chillies were added. What's in there?? 3 Prawns, sotong and lala. Maybe small bits and pieces of fish.

Deep fried vege (RM 8)
This is so crispy and yummy. You can eat it like is like those freeze dried mushroom in watson's. Of course....this is oily.
BBQ Japanese Snails (RM12)
Never tried ....first time eating...just like any snails meat..chewy chewy...not much taste but it is fresh ( of course it is fresh...fresh from the water ma...*slaps myself)....but i think it would be better if it is cooked with gravy. I'm also a lazy person... lazy to poke them by one...

Salted egg york + fried sotong (RM 15)
Must eat while it is hot. I personally think that the egg is not that salty. Could be better if it is a little more salty

Thai style steam fish (tilapia) [RM 27]
Nice...sour + a little spicy.

If you are bringing outside beverages in, an additional charges of RM30 will be included

We were guessing how much will this meal cost...since we ordered so much seafood. A friend of mine told me it is not cheap. We too see alot of expensive cars here...must be something.

The moment the waitress handed the bill.... My eyes almost popped out. RM101.50???!~?!?
SOoooooooo Cheap!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!~

I would think that the food is too much for the 3 of us....but in the end, we managed to whack everything...can even order mango sticky rice....waaaa... we all eat like an elephant after the elephant sanctuary.

A recommended place for family and friends gathering. Cheap and nice food~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kedai Runcit

Help!!! I'm hooked on to online shopping. Previously i bought a few dresses online and i couldn't even fit nicely in it. They are either too big or too small. So, i have given up on clothings, now on size fits all. yay!~

This is my current favourite online crafts blog - My Kedai Runcit

Victorian style earrings....
Lovely...only RM10 each...reasonable,right??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poco Homemade @ Bangsar

A small little cafe in Bangsar, right at the middle of the residential area. I bet not many people know of its existence, if it is not for the bloggers.

The entrance to the cafe...decorated with soft pastel shades....wooden interiors...

Poco Homemade is a little cafe house serving Japanese food with all the homemade interiors.
It should be a home run cafe. In fact, it is a great idea to sell both food and handcrafts. The design is simple and neat.

i like their printed menus on cloth. Creative~
Talking abt food varieties....not much. In fact they have limited choices of food. People is attracted to this cafe mainly because of the interiors and the idea it is selling....This is the best place to spend your weekend relaxing with a friend over tea.

I like the window!!! I like the way they use the recycle bags as both curtain and deco....they must be an environmentalist.

They display all the handcrafts at this side.....such as bags, passport holders,brooch, keychains, etc.

The service is good as in the waitress always wear a smile, but...i think because it is a low costing business or a home run business....there is only a waitress..and i think there is only a cook. Therefore, you have to wait a little longer for food to be served. Not a problem for a lazy Sunday...

The food!!!

Chicken Katsu Don

Chicken Curry Katsu Set

The total bill comes to abt RM30 including a bottomless drink. We didnt get to try their dessert. I'm gonna try their dessert next round...tofu cake...sounds nice :D

How to get there....???? ---> HERE!!