Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mummy's little boy~

I participated in "Me & My Pooch Amateur Photography Competition" few weeks ago. I got into the finalist BUT didn't get to the top 3. In fact, i got 17, 18 and 19. Sad...sad... BUT, i'm still proud of my little ELMO. This is our first competition together. For more pictures of the finalist,click here

*clap clap*

Woke up early today to attend Malaysia Dog Day 2009. I have b
een their loyal participant ever since i got ELMO. Let me show you how proud i am to be a mother to ELMO...

Yes, Elmo is blessed with the cute and adorable appearance that won him so many treats. * packets of treats, one box of healthy biscuit, toys and dog food. The jeez of the story? click here.

You can see YitSeng, my housemate, accompanying Elmo for the competition-
The Most Adorable Pup, where Elmo got 1st!!! woo hoo...