Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poco Homemade @ Bangsar

A small little cafe in Bangsar, right at the middle of the residential area. I bet not many people know of its existence, if it is not for the bloggers.

The entrance to the cafe...decorated with soft pastel shades....wooden interiors...

Poco Homemade is a little cafe house serving Japanese food with all the homemade interiors.
It should be a home run cafe. In fact, it is a great idea to sell both food and handcrafts. The design is simple and neat.

i like their printed menus on cloth. Creative~
Talking abt food varieties....not much. In fact they have limited choices of food. People is attracted to this cafe mainly because of the interiors and the idea it is selling....This is the best place to spend your weekend relaxing with a friend over tea.

I like the window!!! I like the way they use the recycle bags as both curtain and deco....they must be an environmentalist.

They display all the handcrafts at this side.....such as bags, passport holders,brooch, keychains, etc.

The service is good as in the waitress always wear a smile, but...i think because it is a low costing business or a home run business....there is only a waitress..and i think there is only a cook. Therefore, you have to wait a little longer for food to be served. Not a problem for a lazy Sunday...

The food!!!

Chicken Katsu Don

Chicken Curry Katsu Set

The total bill comes to abt RM30 including a bottomless drink. We didnt get to try their dessert. I'm gonna try their dessert next round...tofu cake...sounds nice :D

How to get there....???? ---> HERE!!