Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have long heard of this new JUSCO in Bandar Perda. Yesterday, i woke up at 5.45am to start my journey back to my beautiful hometown -Penang. I was so excited the night before because i seldom have the chance to drive from KL to PG....firstly because they think it is too dangerous for me to do so, secondly, the increasing cost of travelling, thirdly, Mr. Pumpky wants to take the flight. I personally prefer taking the bus because i get to enjoy the whole journey back home. I get to see the highways, the cars, the sceneries and maybe i can walk around in Ipoh,etc. Taking the flight is a little too fast...and i dont get to enjoy the feeling of going home.

I'm sorry, i got too carried away at expressing my journey back home. i was hopping from shops to shops in the new JUSCO, suddenly i saw a familar face appearing in about 200m away from me. I tried to avoid, but too late. She popped up right in front of me. I have no choice but to flash my sweetest smile and say ,

" Hie, Ms O**! How are you doing?". (that face..hmmphh.).

"What's your name already, i don't remember..hehe..".... "WeiLing, teacher."
"Oh ya! I remember your face but not your name." still smiling
"So, what are you doing now? working already???
I said, " Nah...i'm still a student. Doing my master in UPM"
With that ever surprising and sarcastic look on her face she said ""OH....You must be a good student .Master in what?"
"No lah. I'm just an average student. Master of Science." (trying to maintain...steady)
"How's much are u paying for the fees in upm? Expensive or not?"
" Not too bad. The government is paying for my fees, not too expensive."
"The government??What do you mean?"
" I got the scholarship from the uni." still flashing my teeth..
Her eyes got bigger and i guess she almost dropped her jaw.....and with that hard-to-believe face,she said, " Wah! You must be a bright student. Which class were you in last time ar?" ..thinking hard...." SC2 ,rite?"
"Yea..hehe..." Yea i know SC2 is the second and also the last what???
" I remember you were not so into studies last time,isnt it?"
Oh really?? I can't excel doesn't mean i'm not in studying....That doesnt mean i'm still the buffalo you thought i am...ishh!! Oh sorry...correction...correction....BIG be exact..
Then we proceeded to some of her favourite students who used to be in UPM...yaadaa yaadaa,...

Okay....the rest of the conversation is not so important...therefore, needless to continue...the important parts has been said. It's up to you to analyse....haha