Monday, November 1, 2010

The Cookie Cat @ Subang

Like any normal weekends,we both were contemplating what to have for lunch. Kuchai lama?? SS2?? Then i remember seeing The Cookie Cat in the web. Since both of us have never tried it before, we decided to pay the 'cat' a visit. We followed the blog's direction to get there. The direction given is cool...we finally got to the car park and at the guard house, but we couldn't find the shop. We were walking up and down the street, still no sign of CookieCat. The thing is...the CookieCat is hiding inside the building.You have to walk right into the building and you will see CookieCat on the right.

 I love the deco in the shop. simple+ sweet.

They only have two types of set lunch for the day. We opt for one each.

He has Roasted chicken + upgrade from cookie to cupcakes + drinks

This set comes with rice. I love the chicken. D said the cupcake is a little too sweet. I think it is okay....

I have Spaghetti Bolognese

 The spag is just normal....But i like the garlic toast, though. The cookie...hmmm...i prefer more buttery taste and crispier. Although it is hot, but the cookie seems to be a little soggy.

 We take away 3 cupcakes and the total bill comes to abt RM40++. Wow~