Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caught in a trapped situation

My previous job requires me to travel alot. Initially, i am supposed to be in China then in Russia. Now that i have resigned, no more travelling for me. The thing that my friends refused to understand or remember is that, my new job is a 6 days work. Alternate Saturday,i shall say. In an email loop,i replied to a friend saying initially i couldn't attend because of the China trip, but now too caught up with work. I was just trying to put it in a nicer way without getting into too detail. Then, a dear friend asked, " I thought you quit the job, still caught up with work?" 

Quitting one job doesn't make me an unemployed for life,rite? Then all the close friends started emailing me and msn me asking why did i give such an excuse to reject the invitation? Man.....i need to reply one by the whole story above. My mistake! I shouldn't try to put things in a nicer way....should just say I am working. SIGh. The intention was to minimize ppl questioning me, now it attracts more questions. SIEN

One thing for sure, the bride-to-be must be offended reading those messages in the loop, thinking i am just creating a story to not attend the wedding.  WHY am i always caught in situation like this????

The most disappointing thing is that question came from a very dear friend who accidentally didn't think much before saying anything. It happened last year prior CNY....and it is happening again. WHY cant she be more understand in her words? Last year, she asked me to cancel my reunion with my friends to join hers. Or to merge the reunion. It does make sense if everyone is comfortable in the presence of anyone. But the girls there are not close to another group of friends, moreover i am the organizer. The idea will only make them feel uneasy. By saying that, that dear friend got offended. She said i am now creating a clique. Saying i only want to join my friends and ignore them. Not sure if she meant it but she sounded darn serious.  I ignored everything last year.. and i hope i can ignore it again this year. All in the name of FRIENDSHIP. Bless me~