Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too old for pimples

For the past 12 months, i have been complaining of getting zits especially before menses. Went to a famous skin specialist in KL to seek medication attention before it gets worse....but... the medication don't seem to help. First and second visit, i was given antibiotics...then at my last visit, he gave me a month supply of acne treatment pill. This pill will minimize or shrink the oil gland, therefore reduces pimples. During the treatment, my face is coping well except that it is really really dry. After treatment, the pimples are back.

I've tried changing pillow cases, detox, facial...nothing helps. Last month, the problem got flared up. My face was flooded with pimples...leaving ugly it or not....still leaves scars. GOsh~ It is really really bad that i'm still avoiding meeting friends, mirrors and camera. Imagine... i cannot post up any photos without editing it. It shows clearly in photos... SAD

I don't know what to do but to seek other skin specialist's advice. A friend recommended Nathan Skin Specialist. My first visit the consultation fee is RM100 that is 5 minutes of talking to the doctor and your photos taken by the nurse using compact camera. 2 weeks of medication, both oral and 2 creams that makes up to RM210. She skin product. You only wash your face with water...after that apply the cream that she's giving me. That's all. No make up for the rest of 6 months.

Okay...meaning im not going to meet anyone in this 6 months...coz i just can't go out with my face badly scarred like this.

A lady doctor said.. you should be able to see abt 40% improvement after two weeks. Great!~ i was impressed she used a solid figure to the results. Then i forget....she is an Indian.

My skin didnt get better...pimples are still popping out. The actino given has completely dry out my skin. The situation now? Super dry skin with pimples and scars. The scars too didnt fade off.

On my second visit, she came in for less than 5 minutes to see my face. She said..okay.. your skin got better now....i will ask the nurse to do some extractions for you then u will continue the medication for a month. I wasn't really surprised because she is an INDIAN....i told her..that my condition has not improved and that it is getting worse as i have many small little tiny pimples popping up everywhere. She turned to back of my consultation card (where my photos are pasted), turned to be....with a frown on her face...and sounding a little 'disturbed'..she said " i told you....this is not going to be fast. It will take at least 2 months to see improvement. Just take the medication and come back in a month time." ... then she walked off. Guess, how much is the bill this time?? ...RM450...

@#$%^&*@#$%^&* Now u see...why Indians make great politicians? Of course this is not oapplicable to all Indians.. i still have a number of really good indian buddies...

Now, i'm on my 4th weeks under the medication...and still no improvement. What should i do ?
Shall i go back to the previous Dr?? Or continue bollywooding with her?? Or start seeking beautician's help?

I don't seem to know the cause of my outbreak~

I have stopped all the skin products and make up..therefore they couldn't be the source

Hormonal imbalance?? My menses is regular....

Lack of sleep?? I'm sleeping well

Diet? I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. healthy food

Dirty pillow case?? i change it regularly..

what else can it be??