Friday, January 22, 2010

Is this how it ends?

When the story begins...ppl did it happen? What did he do??..after so long??

I smiled and say, " God wants me to meet all the wrong people, to know which is the best and the right one for me"

Compromise and trust

How much can u compromise?? How trust worthy is that person?
I keep reminding myself, no one is 100% compatible. I'm going to make it happen this time. I'm going to be serious and do everything i can to make this last.

As you can see...from my previous post...i'm not someone with lotsa patience. If there is something unhappy, i complain, i get mad, i cry....then i'll get over it.

This time, i cannot give in. This is abt my trust on you.

Once bitten, twice shy.

I had met someone who loves football ....til death do them apart...he bet on football, betrayed my trust...i was emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially drenched. I was abt to enter the psychotic can someone "used" me in this way?...If that is not bad enough, I don't have anyone to confine on. Nobody believes me. That is the only time in my life to know that, I don't actually have friends. Rumours and gossips...all around... I'm not going to disclose the incident here...but one thing for sure...............

I'm going to stay away from football lovers, gamblers.....and LIARs...

Unfortunately, D striked on the first and the last....OH...not liars...he didn't...he just didnt tell me because betting occasionally for leisure is ok??

We are adults, no longer little kids who come crying over the mistakes they have done. No!!
You should have full responsible over the things you have done.

Once - okay...maybe you don't know...
Twice - forgiven
Third time - A little nego here and there
Fourth time -....I'm sorry...but i have to go...