Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Babylon" Premier

Last night me and Seng went for movie premier...for the first time...Nazli, my labmate, gave us the tickets. You must be asking why is she not saving the tickets for herself?..Simple! Coz she has conference to attend. Moreover, both tickets are at separated seats. One on the west, the other on the east. Sigh~ We almost missed the movie because my dear Mr Chooi is late again...sigh~ as usual , he is always busy on the day when we have plans...else he will be goyang kaki in the lab. sien~

Back to the topic, the cinema was quite empty.Nobody sitting next to me and i was freezing cold. Why can't they bring up the air con temperature when there are so little people in the cinema? The other thing is that, there are so many people walking around during the show. Those staff checking if anyone is recording the show illegally. Distractions!~..

The movie? It is a science movie. Talking about artificial intelligence planted into a fetus, making the baby a super genius. The 'father' of the baby is a scientist (obviously), so the little AI was carried by his wife (someone who wants to rule the world, i guess). I'm not sure if the wife is real because she looks robotic to me. hahah....After the baby is born, the daddy took her to the convent to protect her from his wife (only God knows why..). His wife got furious, hire an assassin to kill the husband. As a scientist, i do not know how he managed to gather up his piece and pieces with a touch of science and technology...tadaaa!! He is alive again, but he lives on a life supporting machine. So, the movie is all abt vin diesel helping the "mom" to transport the AI baby from the convent in Mongolia (accompanied by sister Rebecca, Michelle Yeoh) to New York. Now, another strange part of the movie is that the AI baby (now a grown up) got pregnant with twins. She grew up in a convent, never had any physical contact with guys, then how on earth can she get pregnant? Headache~ Then then, according to the movie, the second generation of the AI baby is stronger and smarter. So, the AI baby actually died after giving birth to the babies ( a white and a black..????Why must the 1st generation of AI die? ....???)..That's it. The movie ended with Vin Diesel,coming out from a beautiful,peaceful countryside home telling the twins that " Another storm is coming, we must go." Walking hand in hand with the twins....then...THE END

So many question marks....i think i need some AI implanted to understand this movie. SIGh~! oh! i forgotten to say something. Michelle Yeoh died again. Why must all the asian actress die in the end? why cant they live??? Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh died in "The Mummy 3" too,remember? sigh~ Who actually lived?? Perhaps...jacky chan and chow yuen fatt ...sigh!~