Saturday, February 27, 2010

Roaring CNY

I'm back!!!!!!! After a longggggg break!!~ I had the best cny in penang this year. Valentine's....friends' gathering...the mini vacation.

Although i didnt make it to every gatherings...but still i'm contented.

Apart from the little disappointments from D and M. The rest is just perfect!!~

Will be uploading the Hard Rock pic really soon, but those who have my facebook.....i'm sure u have seen most of it there....well...maybe all of it.

The one surprise that caught me this CNY is that one of my friends is engaged on Vday...quietly....and the pre-wed shoots are all done. Wedding is in May.....this is amazing....
everything is so quick...and i'm really happy for both of them.

Congratulations, Charlie & Kelly!~ I can't wait to see your pre-wed photos,,,,pls do upload them...and dont keep them as secrets....and plssss don't do it like what EW did,,,,,one photo a day.,..teasing everyone.....erghh...!~ I can't stand the tease...LOL

Many of them were telling me that 2010 is not a good year for marriage because Tiger in chinese "fu" (cantonese)...or " hu" ( mandarin).. or "hor" ( hokkien)....have somewhat similar pronunciation as bitter. As superstitious as some may in the "bitter" year is not a bad omen for a bad marriage. Alar..... i can also twist it to

Cantonese: ...can mean ....tiger= lou fu.....meaning the couple can grow old together.. "lao fu lao chai"......

Mandarin : "Hu"...."hu hu sheng wei"....the bond will be as strong as a tiger...

Hokkien : "Hor" related to bitter when it is pronounce as "Kor"....but it can also be pronounced as " Ho"..means good. A good marriage. what is wrong marrying in the year of Tiger??? Right???

If you are planning to build a family this year...go ahead...
I know the folks will definitely disagree...especially those superstitious ones....all you need to do is talk to them....Reasoning works best!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Capri @ Sri Petaling

SS recommend me to this restaurant at Sri Petaling. He said they have the durian pancake too.

So, i went over to the shop today. Yes, i am that impatient.I know i just had the same thing a day ago...but i just can't wait to eat it again because it tastes soooo GOOD. MUST TRY!!!

The shop is at the same row as Old Town, Sri Petaling. It is one of the intermediate corner shops. The parking there is horrible. I managed to get a parking space at the back lane after taking 3 rounds.

I must say that it tasted the same as the one in "Honeymoon" but this is cheaper. RM6.30 for 2 pieces.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Honeymoon @ 1 utama

Honeymoon dessert hse is definitely your choice if you a fan of desserts.

Apart from the ordinary desserts like bobo cha cha and ice kacang, they have array of choices.
A bowl of pearls, sago, beancurd, aloe vera ....all with additional ingredients like fruits

The one thing you MUST try......the durian pan cake. Although it is quite expensive (RM9 for 2 pieces) but worth trying.

D ordered "Grass Jelly Soy Bean Curd". It is not as sweet as the normal "tau fu far", but if you don't like the taste of taufu, you better not order this..

i ordered Couple Maruko............

with mango and kiwi....
I was wondering what Maruko is...... those are mini " tong yun"

The deco.....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Best Laksa in KL

When you are a Penangnite, a hardcore laksa lover, staying in are like me~

As you food in KL is comparable to the ones in Penang. TRUE??

Not so true....i just found out a have comparable laksa quality to the one in Penang.
It is at Mama Nyonya, The Curve.

You have probably passed by this shop thousand million of times, but pay no attention to it. This shop is at the underground pass linking the curve to ikano. Now, open up your senses ( smell and see), sharpen your sensitivity whenever you are using the underpass.

The price might be a little pricey...RM5.80 a bowl, but to have a bowl of this quality when u are craving for laksa.......worth every penny. Unlike other laksa might "look" good, but with diluted and tasteless soup, this one.....phew~.....thick and strong may find bits and pieces of "ikan bawal" (yummmm...) that taste sooo good. Fresh fish...pineapple slices ( not all laksa have pineapple in it), excellent combination to challenge your taste bud. *wink*

Too spicy?? Looking for something to quench your thirst? Head on to the opposite side and you will find this....

The soya milk there is so so so original~ You may mix and match (not only for clothes) the ingredients for a better surprise.

D bought this..."tau fu far" with longans. Superb~

Seriously, it has been quite some time since i had such "hearty" hawker-style meal in KL.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pepper Lunch @ Pavilion, KL

If you like cooking but dislike the mess......THIS IS THE PLACE YOU SHOULD BE.

If outside food is not up to your taste, they are either too salty or tasteless........ THIS IS THE PLACE YOU SHOULD BE.

1. Place your order at the counter and wait to be served

2. Do not remove the paper surrounding the hotplate. REMEMBER: The hotplate is HOT!!.

3. Cook the chicken/fish/beef according to your preference

4. Note that there is butter in the rice, You should mix the rice and the ingredient thoroughly

5. Seasonings are available. Simply add in garlic soy sauce/ honey BBQ sauce/ pepper/ salt

6. After everything is done, remove the paper then enjoy the meal. Yummy~

I might look like i wasn't enjoying my food, but NO...... i was having a quick pray for food before i start feasting on it.