Saturday, June 18, 2011

That girl

I was cleaning my room today....bringing my mattress out to the sun. happily seeing my room is clean....there she goes.

"Joie errr the chair ar.. i hope you understand this. Furniture if you expose to the will spoil and the colour will fade. So can you don't use the chair to dry your mattress?"


There was a day when i happily playing with Elmo in the living hall....then suddenly.....

" Joie... i hope you don't mind ar.. i have to tell you what others tell me. Coz we have we have to keep the place from animal can you help us to do that?"


I think i am the only occupant who is sweeping and cleaning the house. I have never seen her doing all that. Why is she telling that to me? Hell.  Most of the hairs in the area... is soooo long. It looks more like her hair than my dog's hair. What abt the pop and pee that her dogs left in the garden when she was in hurry to work. Ergghhh..... THAT GIRL!~  


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Advantage of having two Facebook

A few minutes ago... i finally did it!!

I moved all my colleagues to my new Facebook. hahaha..... RElieve!~ Freedom~
Now i can complain all i want....anything...and everything i want!!! Yay!~

It is a little hard for me to control what to update in status...and what not to update...hmmm...yay!~

The only problem...I hope they wont find out the real reason  :D

Happy ...!! Happy Day!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When is your turn?

We were looking at a colleague's newborn baby girl's picture in the office. Suddenly we created a small crowd there. We were saying how cute the baby is...and how different the baby is from her dad. see her dad is an Indian...and her mom is a Malay. THat baby is so a Chinese baby with beautiful features...gorgeous~

I was in this ....dreamy mood...thinking of my friend's twins...and the baby photos that im looking at.....thinking how cute and chubby they are....until.......

My clerk tapped me on my shoulder and said....." When are you getting yours?"

CRAP!!!! That question is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking my cloud nines away. CRAP!! CRAP!!! CRAP!!!