Friday, July 25, 2008

~ 28 hours ~tze tze

As usual i worked at night until 11.30pm, had my cough syrup then fell asleep after 30 min.Then i woke up around 1pm the next day. Had my lunch...thought im fully recharged to work again. While waiting for my housemate to get ready, i fell asleep again. This time i had 5 hours sleep. Afraid of staring at the ceiling for the whole night without sleep, i took my 'magical' cough syrup again. Next thing i know, i woke up at 1.30pm the next day. What the h**l is happening to me?
Could be the 'sleeping disease' caused by Tze Tze flies? Talking abt flies, would it be the flesh flies in the lab has mutated into Tze Tze flies? Or my labmate caught the Tze Tze flies by accident? OH MY!! Shall i go for blood test? WHat to expect from the blood test? T. brucei gambiense? T. brucei rhodesiense? or i'm just too tired?


Who said getting enough sleep can prevent zits??? I had so much sleep..and YET i have zits all over my forehead. I only have one or two popping out during the time of the month. This is so out of the range. It is NOT one or two's more. This is certainly NOT time of the month!!...WHY??~!