Thursday, May 29, 2014

It is always worth the wait

After years of being in a relationship, I finally come to realized the best of the relationship. is not the kiss,

Not, the cuddle

Not...going to posh restaurants

It is the space

We do not need to see each other (physically) everyday, for I believe communication is more important than physically connection.

We both have the 'alone' time, that makes us value our time being together

It gives us more time to think of each other

It is a great challenges of trust and faith. if you survive this challenge during courtship, I bet you will survive the life long marriage blissfully

we look forward to each day knowing that we are going to see each other soon. And when we see each other, we are going to fall in love over and over again.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My last dinner after the long holiday

As where i am sitting right now, you will never have imagined that i am doing this. With the level of my patience...No, i am not going to do this. But hey!! 


I am in the hospital, when im supposed to be sitting in a restaurant.

Good job, Joie!! God bless you!! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big Tree Yong Tou Foo - "dai shu kiok"

Ipoh friends has been talking about this famous stall in Ipoh. This trip, I will not miss out on this. They also have this new branch in Klang, but the price there is way more expensive. Must be the rental. Everything in Setia Alam is expensive. I have a colleague who went to this new branch for lunch. According to him, he took 3 pieces of fried stuff and noodle. That meal cost him RM7.

This is the portion that we took. About 6-7 piece + noodle.  Each piece cost RM0.80.  Do not think I wallop everything on the table. The food is meant for 2 person. My review on the food?

The laksa noodle is nice, but the soup is not as good as the laksa in Penang ( of course..nothing compares to Penang Laksa wert). Fried stuffs....not bad...well, to me , all fried stuffs are the same. But they do have generous filling...adequate, should be the right word. They said if you have not tried this, you have not been to Ipoh!! 

I would recommend this the next time you are here.....

Red bean blended. Good for two. Cost RM4.50, good for hot weather like this. Ipoh has been raining almost everyday, especially in the evening. I have been drying my clothes for 2 days...*eyes rolled*

I also noticed this - Fried Durian  *woots*

I am sorry, I ate half of it already. The taste...not so strong. I still prefer the durian puffs in Melaka. Each piece cost RM 2.80.

As we were eating there, I was wondering.... where have all the leng chai and leng lui gone to? I thought Ipoh is best 'Sight Seeing' place? no?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Best Relationship

Best Relationship? It is when you can joke around, have unexpected hugs, random kisses, give each other that killer stare & laugh together

To that Baka out there, you know I am thankful to have you :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Star Cruise Libra

I had this awesome trip last weekend with family. we were on board from Sunday noon...sailed to Phukett, then Krabi and back to Penang on Wednesday noon. I ate darn a nobody's business from am to pm. Best part...I am late to sleep but early to rise...not feeling tired at all. Want to know why?  

Coz.. I am on vacation!

Who would want to waste time during vacation? who would prefer staying in the cabin watching cartoon than to walk around enjoying the music and the sea breeze? Right?

Wrong!! I found just one person who did all that. No names ....hmmm

I didn't bring my camera that day, so I have to wait for mom to send me the photos. The part that I enjoyed most during this trip? is the free flow of  FOOD and the Snorkelling Trip in Krabi!!

I didn't do much of island hopping during my 1st trip to Krabi...and this trip...kinda compensates all. Happy. Can't wait for more trips like this.