Monday, March 23, 2009

Yaki Yaki weekend

Upon receiving the sms from Yaki yaki, i made a reservation for 7 on 21st March 09. Too bad only 6 turned up ...the one left?? Jimmy ,of course...the ever busyman. Not even a single time he turned up in our karaoke session. sigh~ Since they crowned me the " Miss Always Late" title, i vowed that i'm NOT going to be late this time.I'm gonna strip this title off soon. So, i waited at Jimmy's place around 3ish. Seng told me that he will be going to Midvalley with PeowYong and caren. So, i shall wait for the return. No one was home, i was so bored, nobody to talk to...imagine...and i waited until 6.30pm and they were still not home. Gosh~ Tak tahan dah... i keep buzzing Yitseng's handset...asking them to come back ,or we will be late.Yitseng suggested i should disturb peow teik instead because they will be going to Yakiyaki from midvalley. Great~ So, Peow teik is home and i get to ride in his new Pesona. The jam in kl was massive.

Surprisingly, Seng called " Eh! Where are you now? we are already here. What's the reservation?"
"What? You are already there?" I almost cannot believe what i heard. They avoided the jam??
"Yea. We used another way."

As i arrived, i rushed to the food session.,forgetting to leave my bag in the room. All i wanted is


Sushi corner
The sashimi corner
Free flow of coconut water

We took so much that we almost couldnt finished them.BBQ is a no no. But seng took so much~... Should leave the space for sashimi, oyster,mussel,scallop,abalone slice,etc. At that moment, i wished i was a have four rumen to fit in all the food. haha. Caren and i keep talking and laughing ...that we filled up our stomach so quickly. It must be the air we invited into our stomach as we laughed.

When we were almost done *taaa daaa* Caren took out a pressie for me.....touched. Then, seng took out the cake. An early celebration for me~...hehe...thank you thank you....