Friday, December 25, 2009

I-City @ Klang

Read abt I-City in the newspaper, so we went to a little adventure. Without doing any research, no google map, we just blindly follow our instincts. Haha...of coz we did ask around...but somehow not many ppl know abt it. Maybe it is still a new township. Took the wrong turning...going in circles...loosing out like a headless chicken btw Klang and Shah Alam. Well, i'm still not sure if I-City is in Klang or Shah Alam. Indeed, that's adventure....I love it~ Going on a little adventure with a group of friends is FUN!!!

It is written in the newspaper that there will be snow until 10.30pm. When we arrived, we were 25 minutes too late.

"boy, i missed you kisses,all the time but this is.... twenty five minutes too late.... Though you travelled so far, boy i'm sorry you are Twenty five minutes too late "

okay...Back!! Back!! Feets on the ground....
We saw a church event...with stage performance and choir going on...The place is kinda empty...only shoplots....and Hey!! Where is the snowman and those reindeers we saw in the newspaper??? We didnt manage to locate those things there... only one giant partially litted christmas tree....then the decorated landscape on the other side.

This is the giant christmas tree....

Moving on to the other side....

Lotsa lotsa xmas treess.....

The trees....

The various colours of trees....

If you are wondering where is caren.... she was around...just not in the mood of taking photos...

Us again....weee....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bulgarian Restaurant in Penang

The ambience is good...cosy but the llighting is a little too dim. Maybe it is great place for a romantic dining with your loved ones?

This is like creamy mushroom sauce with chicken. Seriously, nothing special....just a little spicier than the normal mushroom sauce because of the capsicums and onions.

Pork Rib...taste good ....but similar to Chinese food.

2 person's meal for less than RM 100...worth trying..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creative Bun

You will not say "No" to 'creative' bun

Tomato Bun with Ham

Egg rolled sausage

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall

Yesterday was World Ninja Day...thought of dropping by Ninja Joe for lunch but i forgot. Super absent minded these days. It must be age catching up...sigh...

Today, after recommended by Swee Song, finally we were there~ It is just a small corner shop in Tropicana City Mall.

This will be the counter....Note that only Pork burger is chicken, no beef...ONLY pork!! Guess this is the first fast food outlet with solely non-halal word. The pork burger comes with several choice of flavours : Original, Oriental, Black Pepper, Teriyaki, Spicy and Sweet & Sour. Only 3 side orders and 3 type of drinks. This is not like the major fast food chain...only 3 workers in the shop.

And i found something special.......if your name has the word "JOE", u can have RM1 rebate...or if u have watched "Ninja Assassin"....

I had Teriyaki. Absolutely not suitable for those with hunger pang. Why?? The size of the burger is really small...A normal person should at least eat 2 burgers, each for RM 5.90...not cheap. That price is for burger Excluding fries and drinks. IF you want the set of burger + fries + drink...add RM3.00. Each drink cost RM2.50. I didnt get the fries though....too common....we wanted to try something special...the Shurikens.

Teriyaki Pork Burger

Black Pepper Pork Burger

Shurikens ( mashed potato + pork nugget)... This is not not NOT cheap. RM4.95 for a packet of 5...... *sweat*

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy birthday , Wong Annie

This sexy will be sitting for her exam in a week time. It is awful to birthday during the exam period. sigh ....Nvm
I told her to finish as much as she can before her birthday, then take a day off. No harm taking a day off to celebrate birthdday, right?? Moreover you don't get to celebrate 26th birthday ever again. It is once in a lifetime thingy... YOU ought to celebrate it~

Hereby wishing her...all the best for her exam, get prettier and sexier..improved wealth and health.



Psstt!! I know she is not going to rea this, but still....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Invisible Hair

I am getting irritated by the "invisible" hair going loose. I was kind enough to share my bed with Elmo for the past 2 days only to find out it is the shedding season. As i'm sitting here typing this piece of article, i can feel tiny hairs brushing on my nose...sticking to my face.....and it is darn irritating. I have gotten a roller to get rid of all those hair...and im thinking of getting a tape to stick those hair away.

If you think that vacuuming my room will help, think not.... i already did that yesterday.Still not helping. I can see tiny hairballs under my pillows and on my blanket. ASthmatic!!~
ERghhh!~ Those hairs are really getting into my nerves....Im going insane!~ erghhh...i wish i can transform into a vacuum cleaner now...suck all the tiny ones into the bag...maybe suck elmo in too~ there there will be no hairs flying around.... maybe i should buy elmo an astronaut's that the hair will not gone loose in air....erghhh!~...Not sure what im talking abt....Madness~ Madnesssssssss!~~~~~~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Appetizing food

Lemon Sauce Chicken

Black soy sauce pork

This is one of my favourite dishes during childhood~ Mama will always prepare this for me.

Marinate the meat in black soy sauce + ground pepper + sugar + soy sauce for about 30 min or more. Then fry them. Add a little water (for sauce) , simmer and adjust seasoning to taste. Simple yet appetizing

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Breakfast with loves

I got the inspiration from Paddington.

Main course- Americano Pancake

If you are wondering what are the two things on the eggs.....??? Those are Failure of heart shaped pancake... I don't have a mold or cutter....hmmpphh

Dessert - hmmm..let's just name this "Relationship"

In a relationship, we often have arguments and misunderstandings...that will be represented by the strawberries...looks good from the outside...sometimes sweet...sometimes sour... but, we still can't get enough of it..

Sweet memories and moments when he confessed his love, when he pledged the vows, first kiss, the first date.....AwwWwww...those are as sweet as Honey...

Of course, with only strawberries and honey, that wouldn't fill up your hungry stomach. This is when the pancake comes in... to fulfill and complete a wonderful "relationship", when two hearts beat as one.

Friday, October 30, 2009


These days more of my friends are getting married....and having babies....
i'm sure they are researching for the best name for the baby...therefore i find the following website important ( if you are chinese). It carries a little superstitions here...but, no harm...moreover, u will carry your name to grave with you. Why not choose the best one, which is meaningful and carries merits to your baby. I was told that, since Chinese name is not in your birth cert or id, you can alwiz change your name (change the words). I find it accurate and maybe you would want to give it a try...

Warning: Only to those who knows Chinese.

Click Here

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The day i lost my head

" You MUST pass the exam!!"
"My career will be ruined if you DON't!!!!"

OMG!! Is it that serious?? Those were word by Mr. B, the night before my exam....where i have more than 15 Chapters left to study. I'm speaking only on the first paper... i have 2 papers that day, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. The paper in the afternoon...i read it a month ago. This is what happen when u study too early... you tend to forget,but i don't care. I spent the whole night...whole morning studying for the first paper.

Sleep deprived~

That morning, i left my house at 8.45am to avoid jam or lrt breakdown. I drove happily but nervously to Sg Besi lrt station ( note that i have 4 more chapters to go). When i was approaching the station's carpark, it is blocked... "FULL"....shit!!~!....nevermind.. i can always park opposite or somewhere around. I drive around..looking for a parking space....NONE!!~....

Panic attack~

The only thing i can think of is yitseng....i punch his number....He said he will be right there to park the car for me before leaving for sampling. Great~ Then, i found a parking space...hurray~ Punch his number again asking him not to come as i already found a place. I happily walk to the paying machine to find out, i dont have enough coins for 9 hours parking. I get back to my car....reverse and get out of the lot. Now, where am i going to park my car?? Saw a post a free parking space..yay!!! Off i the myself a seat, while waiting for the lrt. Then, i remember.... I forget my calculator!~...SHIT!!!~

Don't care...will buy one at the Maju Junction Mall. When i arrived, i quickly check around to find shops selling calculator...NONE!!!... Great~ I don't care anymore....head straight to starbucks...sit down and study....The more i read...the more i confused myself...Feeling really dizzy ....the hot chocolate is not doing any good to me.. i feel like i almost collapsed.

When i registered myself in the exam hall, the room is like a chilling room. Freezing cold~ Lack of sleep, cold, dizzy and nervous....erghhh CRAP!!! I prayed hard just to pass the exam.. i don't want a distinction ( coz i know i will never get.LOL)....pass will do...When i was doing the 40th question, i can hear the printer and i saw a guy walking across to collect the results. WHAT???? That fast????!~ Are those questions so easy???!~ Why am i struggling to get an answer?? The, another guy walked out of the hall...and another....then another...followed by another......
When all the questions are answered, i hit the "complete" button then i shut my eyes....

Please please please.... i don't want to ruin Mr. B's career
I don't want to be a murderer...PLeaseee let me pass....

I took a peep on the screen..."PASSED!!" oh, yes~

i walked out of the room, head back to starbucks...second cup of hot chocolate...sink into the cushion and STUDY..... My eyes barely can legs are aching (must be numb due to the low temperature) head is spinning as though i popped the E pills...nothing is going into my brain...but, i have no choice...i MUST read....and do some questions...

There i go again into the "chilling room"...second paper has only 50 ques. Guess what?? I'm the first person to finished all the question and i dare not submit. WTH??? What is wrong with others?? Then, i came to realized there are several ppl doing different papers in the same hall.

Congratulations to myself!!! I passed both papers....relief~ I must reward myself...i shopped around like zombie...with my eyes like garfield,my head is so light...and i feel like im floating...I called Mr. B to deliver the good news...and you should listen to his voice...he was soooo surprised that i passed the exam. I don't think i can talk anymore on the phone, I MUST sleep......I float myself back into the LRT. Sat down and prepare to sleep.....then i saw an old man standing right in front of me...normal days, i would stand up and offer him my seat..but that day.....sorry , uncle....i WILL faint on you...i don't want to kill you with my weight.

Finally, i am home..but i don't dare to sleep...knowing that i have sleeping afraid to sleep now and wake up in the middle of the night until the next morning.  Woke up around 9pm to dinner then sleep again around 1am.....YaY!!! I can finally sleep again at night...i'm normal again!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tricks or Treats~

This will be the deco u will see in 1 Utama... there are several stalls around it selling Halloween stuffs like mask, witch broom, halloween costumes, spiders, bats, webs....etc. Interesting, i didn't know that Halloween has been a celebration in Malaysia. I thought we only have "cheng beng" and " All souls day".

This is business, weiling....

Hmmppp...more celebrations, more money you would spend on buying stuffs.

i LURRRVEEEE everyone knows, i love horror moviess... i used to read only horror stories ( i have the whole collection of Russel Lee's True Singapore Ghost Stories). When i was younger, if someone asked me to draw a house with landscape... i will definitely draw a house with chimney, a tree beside my hse, with a bench underneath the tree,...a road from the door....there will be pebbles along the roads,clouds,sun,...then.....a tombstone next tot he bench scary~


Friday, October 23, 2009

Ladies' Business

The new era has created so much business opportunity...people doing all kind of business. Still, the best one will be those targeted on ladies. Ladies could spend all her mooolah on stuff to apply from the head to toe. Agree??

They would spend money doing their hair, styling products, products to keep their hair healthy, hair accessories...etc. Now you wish you are a man? WRONG!!! Man would spend their money not only on their own, but on their gf too~ Be single for the rest of your life?? You better kid me not.

Handbags are a girl's best friend ( besides diamond). You would never had enough of can never live without them. Hence, online businesses of branded handbags are blooming. Those authentic ones are cheaper than the retails. Who would want to miss this out???

Now, what if you cannot afford a brand new branded bag??? No sweat, ladies....there are "pre-loved goodies" available for sale. All in mint flaws. So, everyone can afford to carry a branded handbag. There are few shops selling "pre-loved bags" like Luxury Vintage at Bangsar; Glampot at Taipan USJ and Scoop at Plaza Damas. If you don't mind having a second hand bag...head straight to them. Or if you are bored of branded bags and would like to sell it off to gain some moolah , Go to them.

For example you have 4 weddings to attend in a month, but you only have one evening bag and you do not to be seen holding the same bag. It is impossible for you to get one new bag for each and every occasion, isn't it? What should you do?? The brain child is....


Yes!! You can even rent a handbag at Bags In the City. Amazing~ This is the first time i came to know of this. It makes me wonder.....maybe i can do business too....i love animals...maybe i can have a shop renting out animals....LOL..~ Bored of your Shih Tzu??? Sell me...then you can rent on a Maltese...

Happy Birthday , Caren Wong

Since she claimed that she is my blog's biggest fan...i'm sure she is going to see this

I shall start off with.....

Happy Birthday to YOu...
You're born in the ZOO
With Papa Elephant and Mama Kangaroo
And the Monkey is YOU

*clap* * clap*

We celebrated her birthday at the karaoke. The birthday person get to sing for free ( only if you are a member), free cake and champagne. The above will be the DIY cake

Let me present to you....... the BURFFDAY GURL~

Me and the birthday girl~

After snapping snapping and snapping....Finally she can blow off the candle...

Me makan her mini present...from Greenbox...

champagne time....yoooohoooo....


Then continue singing until 2am..... We went in about 7.30pm and we get to sing for 6 hours ++ with buffet dinner,one free head charge, bday cake, champagne, a jug of beer (i have coupon for that) and free flow of drinks.....

Maybe you should consider celebrating your bday at GreenBox or RedBox too~ Who cares if you don't have the voice of Mariah Carey...just scream and release tension.... exam is around the way to release stress....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wish i'm a little taller

I have always wanted to be at least an inch or two taller than i am now. Being in a family of model height people, i feel so small....just like a living dwarf...okay, maybe not that bad...BUT, it is just as bad. You don't believe grandmama is taller than me. How embarrasing is that?...

I was browsing through the internet to found this product, that guarantee a taller height as much as 3-13cm at any age. It is a combination of supplements and exercise and it costs 269USD. That is not cheap~ I am 164cm now...and that makes me at least 167cm...yay~ 2cm more to my mother's height. Then, my mom will no longer introduce me as the "little" one in the family. Sigh..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The exam is scheduled to be this Friday. One in the morning, then another in the afternoon. It is not very tough.....multiple choice....pass or fail.

Yea..yea....well said...but i'm struggling like hell now. Talking abt investment, insurance,risk....etc...i'm gonna faint. I have exactly 3 days to you think i will pass this exam?? God, I need lotsa tembak the right answer....plsssss

Monday, October 12, 2009

The worst meal i ever had

Gasoline @ Lookout Point

It was a Sunday...and both of us were having great craving for western food tonight...thinking of where to go...we decided to go Look-Out point...a place where we THOUGHT we can have great food and romantic time out. Upon reaching there, the logo of "Gasoline" caught our attention...we have been at LookOut Point so many times but never thought of eating there before...So...we thought just give it a try...Alas!!!~A major disappointment....i just want to have a good meal...have a little romance with my Pumpky.....not too much ,rite? Why must they serve such food???!?~?!

I ordered Sacha Chicken Chop, while Pumpky ordered Black Pepper Butter chicken chop.
Snacks..we had seafood crackers pizza and special coke chicken wing.

First look at the Sacha and Black Pepper chicken chop wasn't an impressive one,but we thought we shouldn't judge the food by it. We were thinking, so many ppl eating here,they must have some standard...maybe the food will taste good after all...first bite...YUCKS!!! come the chicken is so cold.....the only thing hot was probably the fries and the sauce is a little warm. Dissappointed with the main course, all our hope and appetite switched to the side dishes ( we ordered the signature food)

Very much to our amazement, there is something worse than that...AMAZING...Could you guess what are the ingredients in a seafood cracker pizza ? we were thinking of something at least like pizza...when it was served, but it looks like a lasagna when it is served.

First of all...who will ever use the Jacob's cream crackers as the base for pizza?? The base is 2 cream cracker and super a lot of raw carrot slice...4 tiny prawns...some fish meat...mushrooms...some cheese...and....THAT's IT!!! Taste??...NONE!!!...just like everything eaten individually...what kind of pizza is this???!~!

Then, our chicken wings...looks quite good...but once you put it into your mouth...again is supposed to be Special Coke Chicken Wings. Where is the coke?? They only marinate the chicken with COKE and nothing else??? not even salt???? ergghh

If you think that is all to wrap off the day....WRONG!! While we were still complaining abt the food.....

WHY?? What is wrong with them? Why do they have so many outlets when the rating of their food is below the par? It is way way below....FAIL dengan cemerlang~


The electricity went off... * puffs*

WHAT????!~??! Being the optimistic one (keke), i tried myself that it is a birthday celebration... we just need to wait ...the waiter will bring out a birthday cake...then the lights will be on again.

after 20 minutes

no sign of birthday cake...nobody singing the birthday song...No electricity...without much hesitation...quickly finish our and cabut...and most importantly...NEVER to look back ...NEVER....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Japan police car in Msia?

Look what i have found this time??

Japanese police car

This car mimic the japanses police car and it is soooo cool. The windows are all tinted pitch black. I wonder if the Msian police and JPJ would allow this?

How cool~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me & My Dog

Woke up this morning to find Elmo greeting me at my door. It must be the human-dog relationship, he is beginning to act like a little boy. He would bring his toy ball to you, to play "Fetch"!!....Scratch you, then bring you to the place where his toy is trapped between the wires....Climb on your leg to get a little attention....roll up like a ball during the rainy days... Just too many things to mention all.

Guess he is learning to pose in front of camera....

The Good Boy Style

What Are You Staring At??

Don't Come near to me.....Doooon't Kisss me...

Nahhh...Give you all the kisses that you want...