Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Monday blue

Yesterday i had the worst flu i ever had. Since young, i always have the privilege to be on MC whenever i am not feeling well. Not anymore!~ I had an appointment yesterday which is made weeks earlier at IBS (Institute Bioscience). It is so hard to make booking for the facilities there therefore i will not missed this chance. I dragged myself into the car....drive with only half conscious mind to the IBS.I cant bring myself to fake a smile to anyone along the way. I almost fainted in the lab....and that lab is freaking cold!~...iishh...!~ where are all the air-con controllers?? While waiting for my things to be done, i took out my entertainment source..."FEMALE" magazine....as i flipped through the pages, suddenly EN Rafi appeared from behind

"Hey, Weiling....ape ni? F-E-M-A-L-E....sedap ke ni?" He took the magazine...and started browsing the pages WITHOUT asking....iiishhh!~ I just sit there, stared at him flipping the pages while i blowing my nose....feeling like a half dead fish. Then , Carmen walked in. She asked what kinda magazine is that?... i said "female". "Which edition?" ...."the latest May" "oh? How come i've never seen the latest May edition like that?" For a moment, i was *tink-ed*.....she has never seen? what does that mean? She suspected that i was lying about getting the May edition b4 May? or she actually meant CLEO?....ergh....nvm.....

As usual En. Rafi will leave me handling the machine alone, while he work on his things....BUT he didnt warn me that i must not save any files in the desktop. Damn.. i'v spent hours searching for the particles...and now he said the files cannot open?? For the next hour, i found nothing and i couldnt get back what i saw. DEMOTIVATED!~ It is time to go to a doctor.

The best time to go PK (Pusat Kesihatan) in UPM is at 5pm. I'm the only patient around. Got everything done in less than 15 minutes. Fast eh? lol. Drove back...make porridge...then terus tidur until this morning.

This is my lunch. When all the food seems tasteless, may as well go for some soupy stuffs. My favourite radish soup with macaroni.