Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is just how amazing that people just hide their talents deep inside. Or shall i ask this...how many talented people u have around you? We all are made in the image of God....You are not just who you are, you are MORE...much MORE than that.

Just how many couples you see around you: Pretty wife + Fat husband; Handsome husband +oversized not-so-pretty wife? In fact, friends around me should know 'my theory' of saying "Good-looking girl will always end up with ugly man" and vice versa. When i was younger, Princess MUST always end up with a Prince. No exceptionals. During my teenagers, i developed my own 'theory' as i see countless wrong pairings or shall i say...mismatched! Now that i'm getting older, i begin to see the other side of a person. I begin to see beauty is not just physical attractions. Beauty is skin deep...and that inner beauty outshine your physical appearance. That supports my theory of "mismatched", hence my 'theory' is still right.

That is all about beauty,....what abt talent? Talent is not only found in beauty faces, it is well hidden within every single soul. The best example that i can give is Susan Boyle. When she walks up the stage, nobody thought that she could sing. Once she started singing, they just dont want her to stop.. sooo blessed with the gift~. If you wanna watch this amazing lady, just click here. So, what talent do you have?