Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 is better than 1?

Who said two is better than 1?

  • Last minute cinema booking is never easier when you are catching the movie alone. There wont be anyone finishing up the popcorn or the drinks you bought.
  • You no longer have to waste money buying movie tickets to a show that you are not interested
  • You can leave the house anytime without needing to wait for the other
  • You don't need to do extra chores. You only need to clean your own stuffs.
  • Don't have to be worried when another person is not feeling well.
  • You have all the time in the world all to yourself. You can shop from am to pm. Who cares?
  • Your dog can sleep with you at night. Allergy? Who cares?
  • You can slip on your sexiest nightie or a dress without needing to care if another person likes it or not.
  • You are free to go on a date. Any boys...any to drink....
  • Need not scratch head thinking how to impress "his" family members.
  • Start being a taker instead of giver. Who cares!~
  • Free to go on vacation without needing to fit into each other's schedule
  • Need not report to anyone if you are home late or you are going out late
  • Save money on gifts for anniversaries, birthdays,xmas, v'day, etc.
  • Don't have to be actively planning for all sorts of celebrations
  • No expectations, No disappointment = Happier live
I said 1 is better than 2