Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aiming THEIR fountain


This game, we aimed on the fountain, therefore the first item bought is bloodstone. Then we started killing heroes. Note that my bloodstone has 41 charges. Bought all the "keng" stuffs before going for our aim. The money keep rolling in ....i am almost invulnerable. LOL.

I waited for Seng to upgrade his bloodstone with two Heart of Tarrasques. There we go....

Seng, being in the first line of defense....me shooting from the back.

Note that the fountain's hp left only a single hit away....wakakkaka.....

The fountain is down....The heroes are back to witness this historical moments...
They must be shocked to see 2 foreigners instead of their precious fountain. Wakaka...can't hold back my laughter....ngek ngek ngek....

* Happy *

PLaying "Hide-n- SeEk" in the Scourge's base

While playing hide and seek...suddenly a swarm of sentinel rushed in, chasing after the hero....The hero must have forgotten his fountain is no longer there....Akhirnya, mati juga. Poor "Undying". I accidentally killed Invoker while trying to locate the "Prtsc" button. Oppss!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ah yat Abalone

Had lunch at "Ah Yat Abalone", Avenue K.

Pan fry fish fillet
The sauce on top is actually cheese. Taste so so...kinda weird.

Shark's Fin Soup with Stuffed Tomato
This soup has too much of tomato taste that it drowns out the sharks fin

Claypot seafood
Pls note that the abalone is only 4cm...small ...

Pork Rib
The meat is not tender, but taste good. If only the meat is tender, it will be perfect

Steamed vege

Sticky rice in lotus leaf
I'm already full when it comes to this dish.

Red Bean soup
Too starchy....i prefer without the starch

Below will be the receipt of what is in the set. We took the first package, which is RM 59.90 per pax. Overall this promotion is not recommended as the size of abalone is small and the quality of the food is 2/5. A friend suggested a higher end package if you want better quality food.

Would like to apologize for the poor quality photo as they were taken using my handphone. It is a last minute plan for lunch and i was not prepared. Sorry...

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm back, DOTA!!!

I have not been playing DOTA for quite sometime now. The last time i played??? Almost a year ago? I am NOT a learner....therefore i started off with learning how to use a hero...well, maybe one or two heroes- Drow Ranger and Centaur. Lately ...i'm trying out random heroes....

Firstly, i have to tell you this...i am NOT an expert player...or a professional...im only a NOOB!!!... i just simply click...and my objective is only to KILL, CONQUER and WIN !! No special kill,no plots, no planning, or whatsoever.

I was randomly picking a hero and i got Summon Dragon Knight.This small little thing... i have never used before...but still...not bad...

The next game, i got Crystal Maiden. I heard that it is a great hero with amazing spells. I'm sorry but im just not good at casting spells. HP is so short that even the normal creeps can kill me. Or am i too slow? Once again prove that sexy and hot babe is hard to control ~ LOL

Oh!! Not to forget.. Twin head dragon... used that once...and i love it!~ hehe

The picture below will be me trying to destroy the The Scourge's fountain.Haha...

Can you spot me??

Brazillian BBQ Buffet

This is what you will see when once u stepped into the restaurant. The ambience is far from what i expected it to be. It is an open air restaurant, without aircon.

Choices of food is kinda limited. There are fried mee, spag, fried rice,vege, roasted dark, lemon chicken, some fried pohpiah and nuggets.

The appetizer all be like below,

Brazillian rojak. The sauce tasted like diluted Msian rojak sauce served with sliced mango, cucumber,parsley

This is salad, which consist of eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and tuna.

Only 3 choices of drinks.

You will be asked to help yourself with the food mentioned above while the bbq meat will be served shortly at your table.

The BBQ stuffs that they served are mutton, beef, deer's meat, cocktail sausages (tasted like those from Ayamas), chicken wings, pineapple, fish, banana and...........if im not mistaken, that's all.

This is how your BBQ meat will be served from table to table.

Our mistake.... we shouldn't have taken so much of ready food. I was so hungry the time when we arrived...so i just grabbed whatever i can see. The soup...haha...sooooo starchy...what's in it?? starch, "tang hoon", sliced crab meat, egg and chopped carrot.

The experience??
The BBQ food is not bad but the rest are .....disappointing. What should you do if you are visiting this place? DO NOT take on the ready food. Wait to be served with the BBQ food ONLY.
It is fun to see them serving the BBQ food. Never tried that before...definitely WON't be going back for the second time.

The price is fairly ok. RM 28 for adults. Location : Serdang Perdana

Thursday, August 13, 2009


At the age of 26, most girls would want to settle down, have their own family, a stable job.....life is at a dormant stage. Not for me, i don't want to tie myself down into marriage at such a young age. I want to see more of the world, enjoy precious time being unmarried. Ask if i would like to have kids. My answer?

A big "NO"!!

What is wrong with me not wanting to have my own kids? Well, i think im a kid myself. I cant take care of others, what's more a fragile little infant? I don't think i could wake up late at night changing diapers, feeding milk, etc. I have not set up my own savings yet.....want me to save on a new inborn? milk, clothing,medication, education,entertainment,etc....WOW~ that freaks me out~ I prefer living with a world of double-ness...only me and my boo...~ Cuddling,kissing,enjoying every night. I don't mind babysitting little ones, once in awhile, dont worry, i'm not a child abuser. My boo and i had a serious discussion over this issue, my say...
" if we want a child, we can adopt one. Or maybe have more pets at home to share your love with IF you think you have too much love to give." Well, that's ME.

A friend of mine, Cristy ( not her real name, of coz) has been married for 3 years and wanting to have her own baby. Due to some health problem, she couldn't conceive. This lady want a baby of her own so much..that she went for IVF ( in vitro fertilisation). I read so much abt it during uni time, now it happens.

Firstly, she took on hormone jabs everyday to induce production of ovum. Imagine jabbing yourself every morning at your tummy subcutaneously. Her ovary swelled as a result of the jabs that she could feel the pressure in her and it is so painful to walk. When the ovum is produced, she has to go through an "exposed" ( she is asked to strip naked in front of all the doctors and nurses) experience of getting her ovums sucked out. Gosh~ her ovary is a little shy...hiding behind some organs...and doctor have to pierce thru the organ to get to the ovary. Yeah...pierced through...! She was hospitalized after that for having internal bleeding because of that. Thank God!! The process went well, they managed to get it fertilized and the zygote is at a 4 cells stage.

Then she has to go through another series of medication to get her uterus wall thicken, welcoming the embryo to be transfered into her. She waited for a month, then, there goes the embryo transfer. Note that this process is done when she is fully awake. She is happy now waiting for her baby to stick on her uterus and grow happily in her. Let's just pray that this mighty lady, a mother who would sacrifice everything just to have a baby, would be safe and happy throughout the pregnancy~

My eyes are almost tearing and i would never forget the moment when i get her msg saying how painful the jab was...how much blood they drew from her, how horrible the puncture holes are....Man, this baby better loves her/his mommy more than anyone else in this world.

If we shared the same thinking of not wanting a baby of our own initially, will this story change your mind?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Read it in the newspaper -The Star

"Malaysians will be able to sight up to a total of 100 Perseid meteors per hour streaking across the northern sky from 1.30am to 4am early Thursday morning"

I used to count more than 50 meteor back in Sungai Petani. Beautiful, but it doesnt look like all meteors happen at the same time.. maybe in the intervals of a minute. People, if you are interested, stay up tonight. All the best

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jiun's ROM

Congratulations, LIM JIUNMIN!!!!!~!

Jiunmin and Wei Lin got registered yesterday. This woman is the one that you would go "Wow, leng lui!".....perfect couple. Heard that her fiance is about to do his PhD in Norway...wow~ Congrats!~

Here is a sneak preview of this attractive lady and her charming prince

(photo taken from Foo Jiun Long's site)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Immunity LOW

Recently UPM was closed due to a few cases of positive H1N1 among the students. I was so so so happy, not until my supervisor said " Only for undergrad students, research students pls come back and work in the lab." WHAT???!~!

He is not that cruel after all. He said , " U have a choice whether to come or not to. It is NOT compulsory." Isn't it obvious that he wants everybody to come back and risk our life working in the stupid lab in order to get results for him??? I'm a little of "kiasi". I told him that i will stay at home to do some writings for my thesis for a week. hehe... escaped

I was happily cracking my brains, dug in and out for ideas and words to be contributed in my thesis. One whole week, and i only managed to finished up half of the literature review (i wonder if there is half...or less).

Monday, i was feeling a little light-headed. SYmptoms of falling sick??? All sorts of supplements i have in my house were popped into my mouth. I MUST resist!!! Not too bad...i survived Monday and Tuesday ....but NOT Wednesday.

*white flag*

*siren* ngngngngngn....immune system DOWN!!

i'm down with sore throat and flu. I tell myself...this is only a common flu. I dont even have fever. I shall rest more and soon the flu will be gone :) By noon, guess my blood pressure dropped...i was very very sick. Hot in the inside, cold outside. I was shivering and i wonder if it is the weather or me? i curled up in a ball with the thickest jacket, hiding under 2 blankets and with my socks on. This is not good. Last noon, Yitseng came back to bring me lunch.

"Joie, you have slight fever lah." OMG!! OMG!!!
" NAaaahh...it is because i wear too many layers, that is why im hot."

In the evening, was a little unconscious and dreamy. I see myself typing sms to my housemate... i even have the idea of switching on the webcam with my friend. Warning her that if i collapsed, pls call the ambulance. The moment i get up...and start clicking....the internet was gone. At crucial moment like this, and the internet is gone??? I can't gather anymore strength to crawl over to the router. That moment reminds me of proverb i learnt from school


Guess i took an hour nap in the living hall...wrapped up like a cocoon. Elmo barked. Seng is back to prepare porridge for me.. He insisted to bring me to the doctor, but i DON"T like doctor......decided to be my own doctor again. Took paracetamol and flu medic....within 30-45 minutes, i regained my strength. I can finally sit up straight, demanding to drink milo despite of having sore throat and DOTA with peow teik...hehe

I thought of bidding farewell to the sickness....until now. I'm feeling a little dizzy, not sure if it is the mask im wearing is limiting oxygen to my brain or my blood pressure gone downhill again. My throat feels like it is exploding anytime and im feeling weak again. Oh no.......

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Saturday Gone Jammed

Planned to go for the "Puma Warehouse Sales" before heading to klPac for the Short and Sweet...mana tau ....

stuck in the jam for almost 2 hours. The route supposed to take only 5-10 minutes...ended up 2 hours still along the old Klang Road. Sigh~ Thank God we saw a Honda service centre. Super late lunch...around 4.30pm. The cause of the jam?? Pls click here. We even spotted people reading newspaper and magazine in the car. A man get off his car, run to the car boot, dig dig dig...guess what?? Took out a packet of......................TWISTIES then get back to the driver seat. LOL.

Weird things do not end just there...the moment we get out of "Honda"...this is what we see

Not sure what are those tiny things on the car? Here is a better zoom in...

Tadaaa!!!! TOYS.... The owner must be a collector. Toys are all over the car. Take a note at the back wheel and the side mirrors. Cute stuffs~

Not sure what to do with all the toys collection from McD? There you go...stick it on your car!! All over, baby~