Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thumbs down for Red box

Red box is certain not the one for me anymore. Upon registering for the member card, i was told that every Monday is a member day. therefore, we are entitled to 20% discount. As you can see in my blog, we went there a couple of times for the karaoke session. Something strange happened last night when i recruited 3 more friends to join me for the karaoke session. Lured them by saying 'You are paying only RM23 for 6 hours karaoke + buffet dinner. Isn't it worth every penny?"....

They were pretty convinced so they decided to give it a blow. The sad thing abt this that Seng couldnt join us because his supervisor gave him last minute notice for a sampling trip to Penang. The positive side of this scenario is that , Seng escaped from the worst to come. I feel bad for Nemo because i attempt to bluff him...saying that there will be many MMU and Lim Kok Wing girls there. Noted! I didnt say they are my friends and we are in the same room. So, not really my fault. By the way, this idea was given by Mr. Tan Peow Teik...so i'm kind of innocent here. hehe.

After all said and done, we sang...screamed.....replenished the liquid in us....now time to release.... i walked past this group of uncles surrounding a waiter complaining about their services. I paid no attention to their conversation thinking it might be just another 'uncles' complain'. The poor waiter just stood there...nodding his head...haha. Well, then the bill comes. Mr . Tan took on the bill then later refer to me saying that they didnt minus the 20% off the bill. Thinking it is just another mistake done, we went to the supervisor. She said the promotion period for 20% is over. What do you mean by it is over?? Is that a promotion and NOT a privillege? She immediately changed the topic to introducing the new promotion which is picking the right key to open up the right box. #$%^&*(*&^%$#..what a stupid promotion!! Then, to calm the situation, i picked up a key to open the box. Obvious....of course cant open lar...!!...Then, to shut our mouth off,she kindly hand over a little souveniour to me.