Monday, October 20, 2008

juliana's open house

Senawang, here i come!!!..for the sake of meeting our lovely Juliana at her Raya Open House. We decided to meet up after the Senawang toll as her map is not clearly drawn. haha...

Had our meals...chit chat...Juli showed us the newspaper cuttings on our convo..took one photo..then we left for another mini the nearby waterfall.

We saw a huge sign " Welcome to the taman ular sawa" ....sounds interesting to them...but not to me.. (i'm afraid of reptiles). Luckily the snake farm is under renovation. phew~ relieved...but still i acted as if i'm wanting to visit the farm ( you cannot disclose your fears to others ...learn this from my past experience during animal behaviour class, where we were asked to observed COCKROACHES). After complaining awhile (must show some disappointments), took some photo...then we cabut to makan seremban siew pau....hehehhe...poor pumpky..sweating like nobody's business..yet have to tahan his anger..because my friends were there. I actually saw him putting up his 'black face'. Cannot tahan ad...i have to say this...He is just not into nature....why am i saying that?? Because the day before, i accompanied him to bowling at Sunway. He 'leaks' as much (err..maybe a little lesser...but still sweat under air-conditioned environment), but he said that is normal because he is doing sports. Ah! okay....but why he got fed-up hiking a little uphill??? Weird!~

We ordered the steamed kirin ebi ....*thumbs up*....


This morning i had a short meeting with my supervisor. He said i'm a little too late when submitting the abstract for the Bangkok conference, therefore i have to target on publishing a paper by Nov or Dec. Then he handed me a little something...

So sweet of him...(for the very first time)..haha..he said he didnt make it to my convo, so here is a little something.


Nasi Lemak

The dishes

Asam prawn (note that the burnt sign is actually the asam)

Telur rebus

Nasi lemak

Curry Chicken

Most satisfying meal ever....