Thursday, November 12, 2009

Invisible Hair

I am getting irritated by the "invisible" hair going loose. I was kind enough to share my bed with Elmo for the past 2 days only to find out it is the shedding season. As i'm sitting here typing this piece of article, i can feel tiny hairs brushing on my nose...sticking to my face.....and it is darn irritating. I have gotten a roller to get rid of all those hair...and im thinking of getting a tape to stick those hair away.

If you think that vacuuming my room will help, think not.... i already did that yesterday.Still not helping. I can see tiny hairballs under my pillows and on my blanket. ASthmatic!!~
ERghhh!~ Those hairs are really getting into my nerves....Im going insane!~ erghhh...i wish i can transform into a vacuum cleaner now...suck all the tiny ones into the bag...maybe suck elmo in too~ there there will be no hairs flying around.... maybe i should buy elmo an astronaut's that the hair will not gone loose in air....erghhh!~...Not sure what im talking abt....Madness~ Madnesssssssss!~~~~~~