Monday, March 29, 2010

Waterlily @ Puchong

Thank you , PT, for suggesting this place.

I googled the place and i found that it has another outlet in Mutiara Damansara. The Puchong's outlet is opposite of IOI Mall. This restaurant is filled with lemongrass scent. So, you dont have to worry abt mosquitoes when seated at the outdoor

We were seated outside... some sorta next to the "chefs". I read in a blog saying that they forbid ppl snapping photos of the chefs....and i got one... ngek ngek..

The deco is simple Balinese style.. Heard that it used to be more beautiful...

We were sitted outside...and it is darn hard to snap pictures outdoor...the candles and the spotlights...sigh....

What to eat....?? what to eat??
This is the only set available. Rm48++ for soup, main course and cocktail. I find the set not so worth it, though.

These are what we ordered...

Nasi Lemak with beef

Grilled Fish with potatoes, coleslaw, watermelon and brown sauce

Grilled lamb

Nasi Lemak with fish

Nasi Lemak with squid

Not many choices available. Only grilled ones and nasi lemak. However, their grilled stuffs are really good. All grilled to perfection. If you are meat lover ( like me), must try their beef and lamb. The meat is so tender and juicy. The fish is fresh but i would prefer them to grill it over aluminium or banana leaves, because the stripes of burns are bitter. Spoilt the fish a little, but if you were to eat it with the brown sauce, you wouldn't notice the bitter taste. The nasi lemak comes with a mini kerabu. LOVE the kerabu..the kerabu is a little more sour than the usual ones, well blended with the spiciness. Yum!~

After the main....

This cake has been in the refrigerator for almost 3 days.... lol. Thank you, Sue ean for the cake and the candle~ HAPPY Belated Birthday to me...

Thank you , Seng, Caren, Pt and PY for the meal and the present!~