Thursday, August 6, 2009

Immunity LOW

Recently UPM was closed due to a few cases of positive H1N1 among the students. I was so so so happy, not until my supervisor said " Only for undergrad students, research students pls come back and work in the lab." WHAT???!~!

He is not that cruel after all. He said , " U have a choice whether to come or not to. It is NOT compulsory." Isn't it obvious that he wants everybody to come back and risk our life working in the stupid lab in order to get results for him??? I'm a little of "kiasi". I told him that i will stay at home to do some writings for my thesis for a week. hehe... escaped

I was happily cracking my brains, dug in and out for ideas and words to be contributed in my thesis. One whole week, and i only managed to finished up half of the literature review (i wonder if there is half...or less).

Monday, i was feeling a little light-headed. SYmptoms of falling sick??? All sorts of supplements i have in my house were popped into my mouth. I MUST resist!!! Not too bad...i survived Monday and Tuesday ....but NOT Wednesday.

*white flag*

*siren* ngngngngngn....immune system DOWN!!

i'm down with sore throat and flu. I tell myself...this is only a common flu. I dont even have fever. I shall rest more and soon the flu will be gone :) By noon, guess my blood pressure dropped...i was very very sick. Hot in the inside, cold outside. I was shivering and i wonder if it is the weather or me? i curled up in a ball with the thickest jacket, hiding under 2 blankets and with my socks on. This is not good. Last noon, Yitseng came back to bring me lunch.

"Joie, you have slight fever lah." OMG!! OMG!!!
" is because i wear too many layers, that is why im hot."

In the evening, was a little unconscious and dreamy. I see myself typing sms to my housemate... i even have the idea of switching on the webcam with my friend. Warning her that if i collapsed, pls call the ambulance. The moment i get up...and start clicking....the internet was gone. At crucial moment like this, and the internet is gone??? I can't gather anymore strength to crawl over to the router. That moment reminds me of proverb i learnt from school


Guess i took an hour nap in the living hall...wrapped up like a cocoon. Elmo barked. Seng is back to prepare porridge for me.. He insisted to bring me to the doctor, but i DON"T like doctor......decided to be my own doctor again. Took paracetamol and flu medic....within 30-45 minutes, i regained my strength. I can finally sit up straight, demanding to drink milo despite of having sore throat and DOTA with peow teik...hehe

I thought of bidding farewell to the sickness....until now. I'm feeling a little dizzy, not sure if it is the mask im wearing is limiting oxygen to my brain or my blood pressure gone downhill again. My throat feels like it is exploding anytime and im feeling weak again. Oh no.......