Thursday, May 15, 2014

Star Cruise Libra

I had this awesome trip last weekend with family. we were on board from Sunday noon...sailed to Phukett, then Krabi and back to Penang on Wednesday noon. I ate darn a nobody's business from am to pm. Best part...I am late to sleep but early to rise...not feeling tired at all. Want to know why?  

Coz.. I am on vacation!

Who would want to waste time during vacation? who would prefer staying in the cabin watching cartoon than to walk around enjoying the music and the sea breeze? Right?

Wrong!! I found just one person who did all that. No names ....hmmm

I didn't bring my camera that day, so I have to wait for mom to send me the photos. The part that I enjoyed most during this trip? is the free flow of  FOOD and the Snorkelling Trip in Krabi!!

I didn't do much of island hopping during my 1st trip to Krabi...and this trip...kinda compensates all. Happy. Can't wait for more trips like this.