Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mummy's little boy~

I participated in "Me & My Pooch Amateur Photography Competition" few weeks ago. I got into the finalist BUT didn't get to the top 3. In fact, i got 17, 18 and 19. Sad...sad... BUT, i'm still proud of my little ELMO. This is our first competition together. For more pictures of the finalist,click here

*clap clap*

Woke up early today to attend Malaysia Dog Day 2009. I have b
een their loyal participant ever since i got ELMO. Let me show you how proud i am to be a mother to ELMO...

Yes, Elmo is blessed with the cute and adorable appearance that won him so many treats. * packets of treats, one box of healthy biscuit, toys and dog food. The jeez of the story? click here.

You can see YitSeng, my housemate, accompanying Elmo for the competition-
The Most Adorable Pup, where Elmo got 1st!!! woo hoo...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Joyce & Ryan

Beautifully captured by Ke Wynn from Whizarts

Joyce looks so elegant and classy... i love her tan...i love her sexy body....

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm inLove With YOu



Saw this beautiful thing in IKANO after meeting up with Sue Ean and gang. Immediately, i want to bring it home.This set costs about 3k. The bottom is made of rattan with cushion on top. Can be separated into two. Simple yet Elegant...Moreover, it is my favourite colour -BLACK!! What a beauty. Sad to say, they dont sell only half of it..they are only selling the WHOLE..where can i place this thing??? I only want half....sigh....ended up, tak jadi beli....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Japanese food for dinner

Blog until nothing else to write....went Balakong for a movie but have ample time left before the movie starts. My craving for japanese food is here again......i just cant get enough of Japanese food...hehe. They said when one is pregnant, her appetite will change dramatically. I wonder if i still love Jap food this much when im expecting. For now, I don't think there is any possibility of me hating Jap food.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

When he is just not that into you

Ever since Alex met Sarah during CNY, Alex ditched me for her. Apparently they share the same taste bud for food. My last visit back to Penang?? Horrible...both of them went for movie without me. I have to shop around ALONE while waiting for them. The most important thing is, they both agreed that 'she is just not that into you' is a good movie. I remember i almost dozed off, cursing myself for buying the ticket to the movie. Oh No!! My status sudah tergendala.... What happened after the movie? They were craving for Korean Food so, they decided to have Korean food for dinner. BUT ...I don't fancy korean food! Nothing special choice. At the restaurant, i don't even have to choose what i want, Alex and Sarah decide all. Their unlimited topics on Korea, Korean food,Korean song, etc...just drowned me out. My little sweetie pie just forget that i exist there at the corner of the seat. Occasionally they will notice my silence but i just smiled with a broken heart. How can they do this to me? I heard Alex saying, " I'm glad that i finally found a Korean food partner. Why didn't we know each other earlier?". His words just pierce through my ears,straight down to my heart, make a three-point-turn, and out from my throat. Common interest in so many ways. Shall i stay? or shall i go?? Haha...the sort of triangular love affair story stated above is meant for illustration purposes. It is simply a normal friends outing i had back in Penang with my dear friends. The story has been exaggerated and dramatized to make it sounds JUICier. The Cast: Alex : Sue Ean (i'm closer to her, so i made her my 'bf'..hehe) Sarah: Chew Hiang
The food that we had.....

Sue Ean aka Alex....

Chew Hiang aka Sarah....Sweet girl. Love her hair~...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Bone

He keeps complaining how dirty and old the bone is. "Why don't you get Elmo new bone? I don't think Elmo fancy this". The fact is, that is Elmo's favourite bone. He starts chewing on it since young. The reason for not getting him a new bone is, i do not want him to develop a new habit of chewing on things. A bone is enough.Moreover, it is a huge bone, only the ends are a little worn out. The truth is, i'm not quite happy with the condition of the old bone too. It gets slimmy when Elmo chews on it. yucks!~

We visited a petshop at Kuchai Lama last Saturday. He said it is time to get him a new bone. So he grabbed the biggest bone. I convinced him that Elmo cant even bite on that huge bone. It is just too big for his tiny jaw. He ended up buying Elmo this small white bone. Two in a packet.

Introducing the new bone to Elmo. Elmo was quite reluctant to take this at first, but....sigh... even dogs love new stuffs.

Very quickly he picked up the bone, ran to his favourite cushion, then start chewing on it.

The lack of 'his' smell on the new bone. He sniffed a few times before biting. Now, i can throw the old bone away....poor bone got neglected because little Elmo found a new bone.

Elmo thanking Daryl for the new bone.