Monday, September 27, 2010

Fish Ball

After the Steroid session....i lost a little weight, but i'm still looking fat. I couldn't locate my waistline anymore. This is so devastating~ My appetite has gone back to normal ( as in like before), but i don't seem to lose weight. What is wrong? The other day i was watching "The Biggest Loser", in average, each contestant lost 6kg in just a week. I wish i can shed 6kg off in a month..... sob sob

with my horrendous hairstyle now....I look like a mum with 3 kids. Man~ How to snap beautiful photos in Bandung?? oh!!!...hehe....I'm heading off to Bandung in 2 days time~...tee hee hee~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boyish Cut

Looking at pictures taken during Glo's wedding, i almost died. My hair was a total turn off. It is too shape at all...and i look bloated. I think my cheeks grew.....i'm looking like a chipmunk now. Sad

So i went for trimming....initially that is the plan....but......

Are you sure only want to trim and make it one length? 
You have so much hair, i don't think that style suits you.

Erm, so would you recommend?

Have you tried bob-style? It really does suit your face. It is no longer the olden bob-style.The new bob-style is something different that you should try.

How short will that be?

Don't worry, it wont be too short. The front will be at chin length, but the back is short...coz it is a bob

He explained more than 15 minutes, flipping all the magazine trying to show me what issit like. He looks confident that the hairstyle will turn out right for me.

Since he is confident,....I shouldn't be harm giving it a try. It wont be too short, just chin length....It will still be good with cheongsam for godma's birthday next month.  Moreover, short hair makes me younger,right?

2 hours later..........

I almost cried........
My hair is super super short... if you think my character and my face are not tomboy enough, i top it off with my hair!!!! MAn,...i cannot imagine a boy-head with boobs in cheongsam. I'm going to freak everyone out. My mom WILL definitely KILL me. My face....he said this style is supposed to hug on my face, making it slimmer.....BUT, I look like a fishball now. I am so HANDSOME that i wanna DIE~

If you are expecting photos to be uploaded........just stop there....coz i WON'T!!!  Gosh!!!~  I just remember that we are going Bandung this month end. Great!~ and we purposely get a tripod just in case there is no one around to help us. *faint*

Shall i wear i wig?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Penang Bridge on Fire

Of all days....why 11th Sept 2010?? This is Gloria's wedding day....and my first time attending garden wedding. Erghhh....

It is abt 11am, i got a call from a friend saying that the bridge is on fire. I was cooking for my dad and i was late. After cleaning everything.. it is almost 2.20pm.  It is not easy to cook,k? Therefore i deserve a 2.45....i went for a shower and prepare myself for the wedding...... almost 3pm.... My friend  said massive jam on the bridge and we should take the ferry. 

"But ferry is slow...." . My friend assured me that it will definitely be faster than the bridge. Alright. Off we go ....stucked in the 5pm...still stucked...we were not even at the terminal yet. Gosh!~ 

*Waving to the Garden Wedding*......the Garden Wedding is 5.30pm. sigh

I started punching my phone, asking at what time will the dinner start. Shern called me,asking where am i ?....i told her im still stucked on my way to the ferry. She said she took the bridge and she is already at batu ferringhi. WHAT?????? She repeated, Karen picked her up around 3ish..was on the bridge at almost 4pm and now they are in Batu Ferringhi.  

*knock knock on my head*

GOsh~ We should be taking the bridge instead.

Lesson learned : Dare to take risk and follow your heart.

Guess what time we arrived at the wedding dinner??..

8++pm!! We were caught in the jam for almost 5 hours.